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  • I'd like for them to think, "Oh, this is someone I'd like to get to know better." What are they really thinking? I don't have a clue. I'm not a mindreader.
  • I hope they don't think I'm a nutter on the run.
  • That I am a nice person with a great personality.
  • I always try to have an open face. So, I'd hope they felt that they could approach me.
  • I hope they think I'm not always THIS nice (most of the time, but not always). Most tell me (the ones I got to know better) that they think I'm nice and friendly and interesting.
  • I hope they do not think I'm ignoring them because honestly I am deaf.
  • I hope they don't think I'm gullible by any means. they're most likely thinking I'm a comedian
  • I hope they don't think I am as boring as I look. *smile*
  • Dark curiosity. A curiosity they dare not follow. I want them to not know what to think, and I want them not to ask.
  • I hope they don't notice me, because then I'll be forced to think something about them, and then it gets messy from too much thinking.
  • I really don't care what they are thinking. What are they thinking? That I really don't care what they think...
  • Could be a few things, all depends on what you are, how you behave. You could be the biggest dropkick around and I should think that's what they will think of you. They could think, this bloke is a quiet one. Or, gawd he's loud, or, this is the real deal, this bloke is a/one. I suppose it's up to the person who feels he has to be judged.
  • Most of the people I meet think I am rather arrogant and haughty, just cus I dun make the first move to talk, or that I dun respond to a stranger talking to me just cus I dunno them (strangers...? doh). When I start to warm up, I am relatively easy to talk to. I dun think I 'hope' to create a certain kind of impression... though I do get alot of them saying I am intelligent but friendly; which I think its reasonably positive impression to have on others, dun u think? :)
  • I'd be hoping they would see me as a normal, regular trustworthy kind of person. A bit scatty most probably.

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