• Only in the form of some religions, I have found.
  • Little kids doing fundraisers for their school, maybe.
  • Yes, but now they're selling something called jahovas wiznest
  • If they do, I sure haven't seen'm.
  • They do. Atleast in my part of the world.
  • Somewhat, but the new age uses things like eBay and Craigslist.
  • our area!
  • I only get the occasional high school kid trying to raise money for school trips and what not.
  • We get the occasional people selling oranges, CD's, strawberries, teens selling subscriptions, and (of coures) Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses.
  • Good question. The only door-to-door salesmen in our area is the occasional kid selling chocolates for a fundraiser, Mormon men in a suits and ties, or people providing lawn care services or energy saving programs. When I was a young, I remember door-to-door salesmen coming to our house selling encyclopedias and vacuum cleaners. Though we were poor, we always gave these gentlemen our time and interest because we knew they had families of their own and it was such a hard job going from house to house. Thanks to one of these salesmen, my literary skills greatly increased----I remember getting my first encyclopedia set when I was about seven or eight, and I got a lot of enjoyment out of it.
  • i've seen a few, but not that many
  • Yeah the Kirby guy came to our house right before christmas, he cleaned the whole house doing his demo. Awsome thing...but didnt have $1600 to fork out especialy right before xmas.
  • in my crumby neighbor hood the concept is alive and well. i used to see many of them(often from the same company) but i found a good way to deal with them. if i do not recongnize a person or they have some sort of display...i strip nakd and answer the door without even trying to cover my self in any way. i did this a few times and it has mostly stopped.
  • Yeah, not so long ago, one came by to try and sell me year round passes to some bath house in the middle of nowhere. They may no longer bring actual merchandise much, but the concept is very much alive.
  • Yes they do I have done it, call the swans man.
  • Yes. A guy tried to sell my mom some Pizza Hut coupons.
  • I've only had kids selling stuff for school or scouts or the newspaper reps trying to get me to subscribe to more issues of the paper. Occasionally, the cable people make the rounds. But, it's been ages since I've seen the typical door-to-door salesmen around.
  • Yeah but it's now politically correct to call them Johovah's Witnesses
  • Yeah, but not in my area.
  • Why? You wanna buy some magazine subscriptions?! ;-)
  • Yes. Every so often one or two people will come to the door offering to shampoo my carpets for free. I now know to ask if they are selling Kirby vacuum cleaners. Answer is yes 95% of the time. Only once was it a competing vacuum cleaner offer. (I actually LOVE Kirby vacuum cleaners. The thing is I bought one in the past. They're good. They last forever. So stop coming by to sell me a new one. lol) Another "knock on the door" is someone holding out a business card & offering to give a free estimate for tree cutting services. Seasonal. Then, get maybe 2 or 3 a month coming by. Ditto for people offering estimate to do weekly / bimonthly yard work. Other types of service businesses knock at the door selling services too: roof gutter cleaners, window cleaning services and yard/pest control services. Add in a now and again person selling home security systems and there you have it. (And yes, kids selling chocolate bars, pies, wrapping paper, and catalog goods for band uniforms or somethingorother for their school ---- and a few offers of religion from Jehovah Witness folks) No Fuller Brush man as in decades long ago, but now that I've written this out, seems lots of folks still come to the door! lol
  • A Kirby salesman came to my place and said he was going to be there for a half hour or so.. 2 hours later he was still around attemptin to sell his pitch.. as irritating at times as it was, I had left my webcam on without realizing it and got pretty much the whole thing on tape.. my roommates and i thought it was quite ammusing (the only laughable thing we could get out of the 2 hours of suffering).. we made a horror movie trailer out of it.. someone who has suffered thru a Kirby sales pitch from a door-to-door salesman might get a kick out of it.. here's the youtube link :

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