• Because we have learned that it's easier to play dumb. And yall can't prove we are playing and it makes women sooooo mad.
  • Because they are to busy trying to get between our legs!!
  • Seems that most of their blood is usually rushing south, and it takes all their mental ability to read the LINES, forget between them. ;)
  • It's because the code changes more often than their underwear.
  • Same reason some women can't handle it when we tell them the truth.
  • Because there is nothing written between the lines. Remember, you must be very, very, specific.
  • because theyre too horny to concentrate.
  • because us women make the lines so close together there's no space inbetween to read, lets face it, no matter what guys say, it'll probably be taken wrong anyway so even if they can read between the lines they're more likely to keep their mouths shut anyway
  • There are too many possible lines. Also, we can't read minds and even if we could women still change their minds every minute or two. Women really need to learn how to be more direct and less erratic. Men certainly have their faults but this isn't one of them. This is a female's problem.
  • Because that would be ASSUMING when men need to be told directly what someone is trying to convey!!
  • The crystal ball is too expensive and just inconvenient to carry with you everywhere, however I do own one.
  • It's illegal in 22 of our 47 states. 48 states. Rather 50 states.
  • Why should anyone have to read between the lines. Why can't people just say what they mean and not play games!
  • Some can of course just as some women can't but it's just that some folks are more direct and take things at face value. Sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes not, especially when a direct person and an indirect person are trying to communicate. Both have to try to meet in the middle in this case if they wish to communicate productively.
  • They are line blind
  • Sorry, there is only one line in your question. ;-) 1) This does not apply to all men. And not even to all heterosexual men (I have read that homosexual men can better read between the lines). One reason is that many men often don't concentrate as much on feelings, no matter whether their own feelings or the feelings of others. They concentrate on plain facts and on the material reality. Men and women are different. 2) Another question would be: "Why do women insist in writing men messages between the lines, well knowing that men cannot read them?" 3) " It only shows that COMMUNICATION matters in a relationship. Sometimes, men cannot read between the lines and so we have to let them know what "exactly" our feelings. Let us be fair to them as we, females, try to avoid starting up the guessing game" Source and further information: 4) "Men are also poor communicators. When a man is in love, he rarely says anything about it. A woman will dissect everything he says, and will gladly proclaim love from the mountain tops. Herein lies another problem. Lets say a man asks you "Can I pick you up from work and drop you home?", in his own way, thats him saying he loves you. Hes going out of his way to do something for you. Yes, he loves you. Women on the other hand need to hear it. In the same way that men cannot read between the lines when we say "nothing", we cannot read between the lines of "I missed the game to spend the afternoon with you". " "At the end of the day,you need to understand the person you're with and you cant do that if you don't communicate your joy, sadness,fear, pain, veiws, love, anxieties, issues, whatever. As long as you're talking and listening, and then acting on it, most anything can be solved." Source and further information: 5) "What do women want. What do we want ladies. What is it that we ask for. Hmm….let’s see. It’s actually very simple. We want : FOR MEN TO JUST…..GET IT!!!!!!! *snap snap snap* Pay attention!! Just please, I beg you, GET IT! (Ok, 99% of the male readers are asking themselves, “wait, get what? What is she talking about?”) Point proven. *sigh* Woo-sah it out ladies….just woo-sah it out. I've decided to grace you with a topic of why women always complain that men just don't get it. Women complain that men just don’t get “it” and men complain that women just aren’t straight up. They do not understand why we just keep it in and “expect” them to just understand. In their eyes, we’re just nagging. “Wanh wanh, wanh wanh, wanh wahhhh.” That is all they hear. Men can not read between the lines. I repeat….they can NOT read between the lines. Oh wait, let me rephrase. All HETEROSEXUAL men cannot read between the lines." Source and further information: 6) Roy Orbison "I Can Read Between the Lines"
  • Kinda ironic the question has only one line, huh? LOL SOME men can, some can't. And even many of those who usually can are wrong enough times that they don't try any more. And many women read so many things "between the lines" that are wrong, that a large number of men have just given up the ability. ;-)

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