• It already is the other way around: Most Presidents leave office a lot richer than when they were elected.
  • What, that one must have a large amount of money to run for President? It's the same thing!
  • I think that as long as we continue, as voters, to support a two-party system, it will continue to cost ridiculous amounts of money to get elected to the office of president. DON'T VOTE FOR REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES! The two parties are businesses, and they sure as heck aren't non-profit. It's simply absurd to have 2 year long campaigns with candidates criss-crossing the country dozens of times. Why can't we just read about their policies on the internet and watch their televised debates? Cut out the travel, have a TV channel devoted to political education. Then maybe candidates who have no money can present their cases on an equal basis with those who BUY the presidency. Presidents are as bad as George Steinbrenner buying championships for the Yankees. Sorry, this topic boils my blood.
  • Well, that is one thing I can't complain about. That's only realistic. It's just like branding or marketing any other name. If you want to put your name out there, then you have to acquire the resources to do so. I'd like to think that those who have earned a living with integrity and respect in the industry earn this privilege as if a promotion. Of course, there are abuses. But there are abuses in any structured system of career growth. I don't think those with nothing should get to run for Presidency... creating the campaign appeals to the democratic ability to vote, decide, and participate.
  • Not me. Money corrupts but it is a form of voting in a way as well. If forced to choose I'd have to go with effective fund raising. Hey even Gandi would be able to put together a campaign fund.
  • You are correct..Money is essential!
  • I don't know how that would work. A poor person would never get his/her message TV ads, no radio ads, no literature to send out, no phonecalls to potential voters..all of that takes money. To run for President one must have access to enough money to become known. If the money comes from millions of donations of regular folks it seems to me that is a very democratic way of funding a campaign. Also, if the person who runs is a billionaire, or a millionaire, he/she doesn't need to get money from anyone and therefore is less apt to be "owned" by any particular group. All we need to do is outlaw all negative ads and "contributions" by those who expect favors and that alone would be very helpful I think! :) ((hugs))

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