• About an hour and a half. When it got there I was no longer hungry.
  • I think three hours. I was starving hehe. This reminded me of the Seinfeld epsiode where they wait forever for a table, and right after they leave, a table opens.
  • Maybe 40 minutes. I was excited to eat it and when I did, I thought it was worth it.
  • Maybe 75 minutes for a delivery. I didn't mind too much.
  • Close to a hour for a pizza. Not only that but it was freezing and he forgot the credit card imprint machine in his car so he took my pizza and walked all the way back. No tip and I was pretty damn livid. On the other hand the next time I ordered (because this is the only one that is close fo delivery) they guy called me from the parking lot to let me know he was here and brought the stuff in the building door for me. Gave him a tip and was very happy. All depends on the driver and the night I suppose.
  • about an hour and a half... and how did i feel when it arrived? i felt that it was a FREE pizza =)
  • I am still waiting.... lol. We placed an order last summer sometime and we are still waiting for it... LOL. Its become an inside joke at this point. We ordered around 8pm and it was around 10 when I started wondering where the food was, we had people over so we had snacks out and time just got away from me. I called the chinese place and turns out they lost the order and just never bothered to call back to tell me they werent coming with our food(come on, everyone has caller ID nowadays!!)??!! So I hung up on her very angry that I had a house full of hungry people and ordered a few pizzas. So yeah, I'm still waiting for my mu-shu chicken and shrimp in lobster sauce......
  • About 90 minutes. I found out that it had been edestroyed in a mortar attack.
  • I waited almost 2 hours one time. I was so pissed, when I called I got our pizza free and they comped our next order too!
  • Well, once we lived in an area that was a park bounded on four sides by streets, three sides where houses and one side where shops. At the end of the line of shops was a pizza place. At the other end of the shops where the houses began I lived in the second house down on that street. On very wet and stormy night my kids and I decided that yes we wanted pizza for our takeaway but no, none of use wanted to actually go out and get we rang up and ordered our pizza and gave them our address and explained where we lived. Yep no problems they said, 25 minutes! So, half an hour later no pizza, my eldest boy was sitting at the window and announced that the 'pizza car' had left and was on it's way...5 minutes later no pizza, 10 minutes, after an hour I rang them - they couldn't find us. I explained exactly where we lived...they said the they had knocked on doors and no one claimed to have ordered pizza. In the end I said go to your shop door and look in our you see me standing on my verandah waving at you? We had FREE fresh pizza in 15 minutes!
  • Actually it was a few days ago, i went to a take away pizza place and i was starving and i had to wait for the pizza for like 40min -.-
  • They won't even deliver to my house. And that fuck had the nerve to try to steal my change to keep as a tip!!!!!!! You DELIVER TO MY HOUSE if you want a tip!!!!
  • An hour and I made them redo the order it was cold.
  • 2 hours and I was hopping mad. They gave it to us free but it just didn't taste that great after waiting so long. Happened twice, so now we obviously don't order from East of Chicago pizza anymore.
  • About and hour and fifteen minutes. It was a really busy night at the pizza place and I was pretty excited when it finally showed up. I think all the extra waiting made it better

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