• How do I delete this question? :(
  • {hug} wish I had more but there is just no answer to that i feel comfortable saying. That sucks and i hope that somehow you were mistaken and your father was just method acting for an upcoming audition for a movie about cheating. Perhaps talk to him and ask what's up?
  • Oooooh that's a tough situation. I've wondered about what I would do if I was in your shoes before. Honestly, I'm not sure what I would do, but I would support them both. I'm not sure if I would be able to tell one of my parents that they are being cheated on. Good luck with this one. Sorry to hear about that.
  • Tell your mom you know, and leave it up to her to tell your dad.
  • A marriage is between a husband and wife. Despite the pain and hurt you feel, it's a situation between two people. I wish you the best but personally advise you to just stay out of it. You don't know what your dad up to and you don't know what kind of arrangement they may have with each other. It's not your job to police your mother and father's activities.
  • What a terrible situation for your mother to put you in. I can simply tell you what I would do in your situation. I'd first confront my mother and let her know what I know. I'd tell her that she needs to tell my father or I will tell him. She's putting his health and possibly his life at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. He deserves to know. I just read your second comment. In your situation, I guess I would just tell my father. You really have my sympathy, Sweetie.
  • send mig en email. Lad os tage det der fra
  • Pass the info on to your Mom. Let her decide what to do. It's her marriage and her health that is at risk.
  • You say to her "Mom....I really resent the position you have put me in. I am feeling very disappointed and lacking in respect. I need us to talk this through. It is a problem and we need to find a solution so I am not in the middle here". See if that opens doors of communication between you and her.
  • Pray first, then talk to your mom. After you hear her excuses She needs to know how “what she did” Affects YOU AND How it makes you feel… about yourself, your family and her. This will be difficult Try not to say anything you might regret later Even though she has clearly hurt you with her infidelity, disloyalty, unfaithfulness or what ever word you want to use there.
  • I have to go. My mom wants to use the computer now. btw i cant tell my mom that i and my mom barely dont speak to each other and i it the same with my dad.. help.
  • ok im gonna regret i tld you guys this because this is very private.. but im gonna do it anyway. i heard my dad rape my mom maybe a year ago or something and i couldnt do anything about it because i was afraid but i heard my mom cry. i dont know if he did it again i dont hink he did because my dad is a good man i know that he only did it once and he regret it alot i know my dad good enough to know that even though we never really talk.. i dont know why im telling you this. i just had to tell anyone.
  • Sweetheart, please stay out of it. I got mixed up in my parents' divorce when I was a kid, and it was a terrible ordeal. If you must, tell your dad - for some reason, I just feel like telling your mom is a bad idea. She'll probably get defensive and start making excuses. Then she'll attack you for being 1) a child, and 2)nosy. You'll only feel hurt. What your dad will do with that information, I'm sure you know better than I. He might confront your mom, do nothing, or not believe you. But my final piece of advice is to try to keep away from the whole stink. You don't know what your dad is doing, and the fact that your mom brought another man into the house WHILE you were there says she's not being very cautious about who knows about her affair. Something else might be up. If you were doing homework, you could have gotten up and needed to ask her something, right? Just because you're doing homework doesn't mean you're deaf and blind. So stay away, although you're heartbroken and in pain, getting involved will only make you feel worse. I'm 17 too. :-)
  • Tell your dad. End that shit now.
  • just keep it to yourself. your current Dad might not be a nice guy. so your mother is looking for a way out. just trust your mom. just ask your mother what is happening with what's his name.
  • I'm sure your heart is broken, but it is between him and her. Please let the two of them work it out! (((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • I have just thought of something. Perhaps you should put your question and this thread out for your mum to see. Tell her first that the site is anonymous. Then just leave her to read to leave her alone for a while. You will definately know then if she wants to discuss anything with you. Good luck, sweetie.
  • Tell your dad what you saw and ask your mom why she did this.
  • first it REALLY has nothing to do with you, your mum loves you as your dad does. If you can't talk to you're mum, then let it go. pray that whatever she is going through will get better. If you can bring yourself to talk to her, it might bring the two of you closer. I wouldn't, and my mum and I are very close. I might asks her if she is going through something and would she like to talk to me about it, as far as the affair, that is nothing to do with you. and should not affect the way you feel toward yourself or your parents.. good luck I will also keep your mum in my prayers..
  • You need to calm down and rationally approach your Mom and tell her what you witnessed...and ask for an explanation. Don't jump to conclusions...there are any number of possibilities. For example --and just an example-- you may learn, say, that your Mom and Dad have reached a certain point in their married life that they have "an understanding" or "an arrangement"...but they decided to remain together so that they did not bring about sorrow for you. Whatever your Mother's explanation, demand that she and your Dad sit down with you and addrss the situation at hand...and to do so in a rational way. However it goes, it's likely to be painful for you, but the certain long-term positives may come about for you and them in the long run. Finally, I have to disagree with some others...You, their child, ARE very MUCH a part of their marriage.
  • Wow, thats a tough spot for you to be in. I would DEFINITELY say that you should confront your mom and let her know that you know. Bring it up in a calm manner, if at all possible, so that she may feel more comfortable confiding in you what's going on. It would be best if you could persuade her to tell your dad b/c it would make things EVEN worse if it came from you. You could give her an ultimatum to tell him or you will. Whatever comes of it, just know that it is possible for them to overcome this, if they both choose to make it work. She either became bored in the marriage or just doesn't feel like she's getting enough affection. Whatever her reasoning is, the only way they can successfully overcome this is by complete and total honesty on both of their parts and your mother must accept any jealous behavior on his part (I am not speaking of abuse!) Hang in there, kid. Hope everything works out for your family... and don't hold a grudge against your mom for it. No one is perfect...
  • Confront her about it and see what she says and tell her how you feel about it.
  • just stay the heck out of everybody's way on this one, just stay clear of what might be a train wreck. get a job and move out. trying to take on adult problems is wrong for a child.
  • Maybe discuss it with your mother...but stay out of it. Don't get between your mother and father.

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