• Hmmmmmm! A lot of positive elements would have to come into play to influence my decision to do it. It's dangerous!
  • I would NEVER co-sign for anyone!
  • No unless they were makeing me a offer I can't refuse.
  • I might for my child. It takes awhile to build up credit and I would co-sign in that case.
  • absolutely....NOT.
  • Yes. BUT with extreme care as co-signing with another party also affects the 'hits' on credit bureaus but mostly can be perceived as a bad thing when you're applying for your own loan so it would have to be done VERY carefully. I have never done it but have not found the situation that would warrant it...hence the reference to "care". When I have been asked previously, we sit down and look at their finances, available company options, etc and there has not been a need to date.
  • NO! Haven't you ever seen Judge Judy!! LOL
  • Hell no my husband consign for a lil freak he was dating and only knew her a month or so. he wreck her car and felt obligted to let her get another one in his name and left her about a moth or less after that and he has been through hell. He can't locate the freak and he bankrupt on her car and that left in in a lot of things he can't get out of DMV he has been charged with not turning in the tags for 4 years now over a 175. every six months she continues to hide the car snatch man was looking for it but has stopped because they told us it cost to much to look for it and snatch it. But we can't figure how she continues to get tags each year for this car in my husbands name. last month he could not even renew his own tags wow never ever do a cosign.
  • No, never.

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