• No, mind your own business. Don't start meddling in other people's marriage.
  • yeah agree with Hardcore, do you want a shot at his wife do ya?
  • No, what's on his mind is his business.
  • no....leave it alone...
  • Sounds like you want a piece of her tail...dude this is your friend we're talking about...stay out of it for now MYOB! Be patient, snag her *after* the divorce.
  • No, just tell him your thoughts, its not up to you ;0)
  • Sure, go ahead. Who cares? Maybe she'll wanna go to bed with you just to repay you the favor
  • I agree its wrong...but i dont think its right to intrude in thier personal affairs. Let them handle this on thier own. Do not encourage ur friend, that's ur part.... Its his life afterall. And if he's a very very good friend..then just sit with him and have a mature conversation, try to help.
  • I would tell your friend that you think that cheating is wrong and that you don't appreciate being put in the position of knowing about it.
  • [Sigh] What part of MYOB don't people understand?!? You don't have a tinker's clue as to what's really up in that couple's total relationship! [While I'm at it, what the hell's a "tinker", anyway? Be the first to answer that correctly and I'll give ya a few points when I see your handle. :-)]
  • No. Only bad things can come from it. Thinking is not a crime.
  • No. You should tell your friend that you think what he has in mind is wrong, but don't tell his wife, their marriage is none of your business.
  • The fastest way to loose a friendship is to be a "butt-insky"! Stay out of other peoples business. How do you know? They may be in an open marriage relationship. Then there is no cheating going on. Just leave them to their on problems and think how it would be IF someone told you this same information. On the surface you might think it good but down deep you would be saying, "What business do you have butting into my life!"
  • You said he is a friend of yours. So act like one and stay out of it. Are you hoy for his wife or something?
  • I would talk to your friend about it, not his wife. and voice your concerns that you have. Going to his wife.. would be overstepping your boundaries I think.
  • Sad as this is, you need to stay the heck out of it. Very little good will come of it if you get involved. And besides...wanting to cheat sounds like he hasn't crossed the line yet. Might be he's just having problems where he's considering it and talking to his wife about it will make things blow up in everybody's face. Besides...if you're female like your profile says...have you considered he may have been making a pass at YOU? If so, that could mean he's thinking of involving YOU in his marital problems. NOT GOOD.
  • Well to look at it from another angle.....I was the one being cheated on. Everyone knew EXCEPT ME. I sure would have like a "heads up" on it. It was a punch in the stomach when I finally found out.
  • Tell your friend That it's VERY wrong. Not to his wife.
  • You should have a talk with your friend.
  • Absolutely not. There are several good reasons why. The chief among them might be that "she already knows". Often a cheated-upon partner tries to save face and try to pretend that everything is okay so that she doesn't have to deal with the reality of the situation. It's not your place to make her face up to something -- or acknowledge publicly -- something that she prefers to suppress or ignore. For another thing, you may not realize the dynamics of even dysfunctional families: when faced with a threat from "outside" (you, in this case) the husband and wife will often unite and exclude the outsider. You could end up not helping her at all, and losing a friend. Finally, and this is no less important, a person's thoughts are his own. "Wanting to cheat" isn't the same in the real world as "cheating". Even if he does cheat and you do know that for certain, that only negates this single argument, however. The others remain valid.
  • You're welcome! . I agree good friends are nice to each other, but when he is in such dire straights with his marriage, it's best if his lady friends (like you) watch out for his best interests by making SURE things don't take a wrong turn in their relationship. . Wise decision not to get involved! <EDIT> This answer was meant to be a comment posted elsewhere.
  • I would keep my mouth shut. your friend told you he wanted to cheat. your reaction alone may simply deter him from talking to you about what he does behind closed doors. Unless it is my best friend being betrayed. I would keep it moving.
  • It is difficult to say because every situation is different.
  • No. Tell your friend what you think and that you will never COVER for him. In other words, don't go running to his wife, but also, don't let your friend think that you are OK with his actions, and don't enable him to do something you believe is wrong. MYOB, but if you are ever asked about it point blank, don't lie. Let your friend know that this is your policy. You may lose your friendship or you may strengthen it. Either way, you will keep your honor.
  • No.I think you should stay out of it.
  • No. Thinking about cheating and wanting to cheat are still not actual cheating.

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