• "Evolution is a load of crap conspiracy!" ha. no.. im sure its the talking snake and all that jazz
  • I'm going to answer even though I'm a Christian because it makes me so angry "When will atheists realize that they won't go to Heaven until they believe?" or even better "Why do atheists hate God?". The idiots should realize that atheists don't hate God, they just don't believe he exists
  • What if God just put fossils there to test our faith? Prove that He didn't.
  • Look around you: that puddle, those two dogs fucking, the homeless man, that hooker on the corner...they're all proof that god exists and he loves you
  • how can atheist be moral when they don't believe in God (I am much more moral than most of the Christians I know)
  • Anything from Revelations. Many Christians are always so quick to watch the news and turn to the person next to them and pretend they're Biblical scholars, horribly retelling some completely vague story from Revelations. I don't know how many times I've heard someone casually tell me that these were the end of days, how it's all right there in the Bible, as if the previous chapters weren't filled with enough nonsense to discredit the good book. I have no doubt in my mind that people have been saying "The end is nigh!" for centuries. Pick a war, any war, and in that time you can bet people were chatting it up about how the ubiquitous deaths of sons and fathers marked the imminent return of Christ. Disclaimer: If the moon actually turns to blood, this answer will be immediately edited in a last-ditch effort to appease the Jeez.
  • Here are some that never seem to get old *fossils are all a big conspiracy, their all fake. Their weren't any dinosaurs* -Ok... so your suggesting the most elaborate, largest, and flawless hoax in human history. *Noah filled the ark by using FLYING DINOSAURS. That's how he got it done so fast* -... so apparently the nonexistant dinosaurs, which were apparently living humans even though we have no documents or drawings about them, happily flew all the small and huge, tasty animals from around the world to the ark. So why didn't the dinosaurs get in as well? Did Noah just say tough sh#t and let them all die in the flood after they helped him? *evolution is a theory so surely it has little credit to be given* -So, I'm guessing they just ignore the fact we have a huge amount of physical and circumstancal evidence for it. along with the fact that a theory is nearly the highest point to which something can be proven. And the most tired or all arguments *He must be real if you can't prove he isn't* -So if I say a blue rooster lives in the middle of the sun and has to crow every 2 second to keep the sun going yet is totally invisible, and can't be seen, heard, smelt, tasted, or felt, You can't disprove his existence. therefore he must exist as well. side note: Yes, some of them act so willfully ignorant sometimes I DO want to beat them with their own bible.
  • You're an Atheist? (insert gasp, oh, ah, mouth open, eyeballs spinning out of control in their sockets, drool down the chin, huffing, puffing) I feel sooooooooo sorry for you! I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me WTF that means
  • "Because of my faith, I know there is a god." Or any other time anybody says they know something because of faith.
  • If man evolved from monkeys why are monkeys still around?
  • Science is a religion too!

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