• Not card-carrying per se, but HAIL ERIS! ALL HAIL DISCORDIA!
  • Im a card-carrying Cherokee Indian...sorry i dunno what a Doscordian pope is...
  • I'm not but right now I would kind of like to be a pope of any kind. Especially a card carrying one
  • I have no card, but "every single man, woman, and child on this Earth" is a pope. So, since I am a pope, I will canonize all of us as Saints. That will be fun.
  • No, but I like the sound of the title, I need some new cards for my wallet, and I'm more than up for anything having to do with discordia. I don't have a colour printer, so my card will be in black and white, but I geuss it'll still work well enough.
  • I am. Anyone and everyone can be a Discordian pope. We are encouraged to print out and distribute as many pope cards as possible to as many people as possible. Click the image to read it better. I got my real one, with my real name on it, at a speaking event by Robert Wilson; however, there is no problem with you downloading your own.
  • Anyone else want to be a pope?
  • I have that card and my Subgenius membership card.

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