• That everyone in this town is a hippie. We're not.
  • I'm from the Bronx NY, Everyone says it's ghetto and people get shot all the time. I'm not ghetto, I haven't been shot. People actually Work in my neighborhood, they actually do things!
  • that we're a bunch of hillbillies. oh wait, we are... :)
  • House envy. I just don't understand some people. I live in a very nice home and it is located in a very nice neighborhood in the older part of town and somehow that makes my family a less significant part of the community than the snobs living in their McMansions west of me.
  • Where do i begin? The KKK lives here, the white people are all hillbillies and fake marlboro men, the black people are ignorant crack addicted gang bangers, you dont fit in unless you have your first baby at 13, followed by at least 6 more over the next 6 years, by six different men(2 cousins 2 brothers 2 friends of both) section 8 housing is good living, food stamp cards are like credit. Hispanics are taking over, doing better than everyone(jobs, big trucks, nice homes)and these are not stereotypes this shit is real!!!!!!!!!
  • That we all own some type of small business or are oil rich in order to come over here and live....truth is I'm the only immigrant in my family my "parents" were born here.
  • When I tell people that I'm from Washington and Oregon, they ask if I'm a hippie and/or know any hippies, or if I have tried to kill myself (from all the rain and bad weather associated with the northwest).
  • I grew up in Chicago. People would always think the Mafia and gangsters were running around everywhere! NOT.
  • That we're all tight-fisted, and we all walk around in kilts eating haggis and drinking whisky.
  • virginia is for lovers. im a lover but i know lots of people who arent.
  • -we like to sing -we like to dance -we don't speak English -everryone lives on the beach -there is no electricity -we are promiscuous -we are potheads -everyone has dreadlocks
  • That we're thick coal miners who live for football... hang on a second, they're right
  • Christians, stoners, hillbillys
  • I'm from McAllen, Texas which is about 20 minutes from the Mexican border. The one thing that bothers me is that I can't go to the mall without being spoken to in Spanish. They automatically assume you speak Spanish here which is completely untrue and bothersome.
  • 2 separate ones: We are tan we are surfers we are 6' tall we have 'perfect' bodies then: we live in condos we are retired we are republicans
  • People say: we are rich we have an accent we are rude
  • All fags are pedofiles
  • Killing a person in a civil society is murder. Killing a thousand in war is called heroism. Torturing an animal to death is simply called animal cruelty with a small fine.
  • That we all marry our cousins, we are ill manner, we are ignorant, and we live in total poor conditions. All complete nonsense!
  • 1)We're all rednecks. 2)We all speak "Yooper"(Look that word up on Wikipedia) ah... that's all I can think of right now, my mind is elsewhere right now.
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      I'm (points to right palm with L index finger).

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