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  • Probably cause you don't want to be lonely.
  • I've just always felt lonely... I don't know why? Even in a room full of people I can feel that way. I suppose its because I have never felt accepted or understood. When I was younger, it really used to bother me a lot. But the older I got and the more I learned to enjoy my own company, the better I became about it. Now I prefer being alone. Its simply less complicated that way. I wish I could be involved with people more sometimes... But my history dictates that it will probably end badly so I just dont anymore. People are so different and come from so many different perspectives and outlooks on this or that these days. I find it really hard to actually find anyone that you can feel comfortable with. I think its because the farther we moved away from the 1950's ideal of sameness and conformity as a country, the more diverse people became individually and it went in the other direction to such an extreme, now, everyone is just affected and weird by choice and design. Its strange?
  • I'm in a relationship. I shouldn't be feeling so lonely. Right?
  • I think being in a relationship is better then being single to some people. I was single for 3 years by choice and now dating. i am finding that i cling to someone i have a connection with and it is difficult for me to take things really slow. In turn i push the other person away which makes me feel horrible and very lonley. I think it is better to be alone then to be in a relationship that doesnt make you feel happy and alive. If you are lonely in your relationship you need to get out of it and be single for a while. Become more comfortable in your aloness and you will in the future have more healthy happier relationships.
  • When we feel lonely in a relationship, that may be because we need assurance, physcial touch, security...and many more possibilities....from the person we are with. The person may well be ignorant cus sometimes we dun say it as we assume or expect our partners to know already. Sometimes its just resentment for something they lack of, that we start to look for faults. When you commit yourself to your partner and your relationship, your life changes and as far as social contact goes, that shift is often for the worse. Perhaps being a couple means you've cut yourself off from friends or family. Spending time with your partner seemed so important that everyone else in your life took a back seat. Perhaps having children means that you are housebound and lacking adult contact. You become dependent on your partner for company, conversation and emotional support. And that's dangerous. You're different people, with different needs and it's a challenging tightrope to stay happy and fulfilled. There's a lot you can do to turn the loneliness and your relationship round. First, get realistic about what's possible. Because even with love, your partner can't give you all the attention in the world and can't make you feel good all the time. So be realistic with your expectation. When you expect less, whatever comes is a gift. Don't feel bad if you have some needs that your partner can't meet. Instead, expand your world. Spread your needs more thinly, taking support and company from a number of people. Ring up friends and family, arrange a drink, go out for a meal and start building up your social life. If you've children, get a babysitter - take a break and get out. And then, start getting close again to your partner. Because relationship loneliness also stems from lack of communication. You need to start to connect with each other all over again. You may have to take the lead. Men in particular forget that talking and listening makes love work. Like all things in nature, to needs time and nurturing. In time, you can regain the companionship between you, as well as the love.
  • It's not a good relationship ,,,but i suppose you may be wishfully hoping it will get better. Spend more time together ,,if your partner do't want to ,then maybe you each want something different and not matched properly.

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