• I know you are not all like that. I know some Christians who are not like that at all.. my best friend is in full time Christian ministry. the only time he talks God is on stage.. Other than that, it's not THROWN in anyone's face. There are lots of Christians on AB that do not throw it in our face and I for one appreciate that. Sadly it's the fanatical ones that make you all bad. you do NOT need to apologize for what 1 person does. He will have to "answer" for his actions IF there really is a God as he is turning a LOT of people that might be wanting to turn to faith, away from it.
  • I appreciate that, Little Big Mouth. Please be assured that this particular atheist doesn't judge all people by the actions of a few.
  • I have never hated Christians, sometime I even respect them for their commitment,I have always understood that the bible said Christians need to convert so there is a sense of forgiveness there. As for your question, If I was to hate you all you changed my mind, thanks.
  • I am Pagan... I don't hate you all... one annoying individual does not make me hate an entire group of people. Basing an assumption of quality of any one group of people on a few bad individuals is just silly. (to me) Every grouping is due a few bad eggs. People are people. I am not one who lumps them in as the example. >:D<
  • Christians are everywhere, how can we hate them? Who can go around avoiding or arguing with everyone? (In America at least where most people are Christian.) There are at least two factors here. First, this atheist is aware that the god discussions on AB are not even close to resembling how the two sides interact in real life. I may discuss the issues in person to someone maybe twice a year. Here, it's more like twice a week (and I see probably a hundred god questions in my watch list a week). If everyone in real life talked to strangers about these things as in depth as we do here, AB wouldn't need to be. Second, as you may realize, an atheist's frustration with the Christian is directly proportional to how committed each side is to convincing the other of his argument. The born-again Christian who loves the sound of "weeping and gnashing of teeth" will seldom back down from the equally-charged atheist who just read "The Origin of Species" and wants to tell every Christian he encounters about it. On the other hand, two calmer opposing sides that want to discuss the issue civilly may go on to agree that Jesus and Darwin both had good ideas. There are degrees to people; some are fuming, some are chill. We should respond accordingly.
  • I won't hate anyone for the actions of another person that they have nothing to do with.
  • Though I do dislike hypocritical Christians who say "I'm no good", I don't mind the Christians, just people who constantly preach on and on like our little nuisance. I will and shall not hate you, or other Christians as long as they're not offensive upon non-believers.
  • I'm an agnostic. In my view, the only person that matthew makes look bad is matthew. As Dave Mason sang, * "There ain't no good guy, there ain't no bad guy, there's just you and me and we just disagree". ;) *I think that's how the lyrics go. I bought the album on a cassette tape about 30 years ago and none of my tape players work anymore. :p To consider another perspective, how do you think Dr. Martin Luther King made Christians look? ;)
  • Unfortunately, that comes with the territory. If you don't want to be labeled based on the actions of the majority, you have choices and withdraw from that madness. It's not against the law...yet
  • Oh, I feel for you, really. But don't worry; no rational person will hate you for what other people do. We all know lots of Christians (because in the US you can't swing a dead cat without hitting six) and very few are stereotypical anti-everything Bible thumpers. It would be stupid to judge all Christians just because a very vocal few are unpleasant; atheism has its bad apples as well.

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