• I dont think it is necessary, as long as they use a different color than the students.
  • Red would be the ideal color for marking answer sheets. As students do not use red to write their work red markings show up prominently on the worksheets. Green tooo could be used but it does not stand out as conspicuously as red. So my vote is for the red ink.
  • YES!!! becuz i said so....sike....Cuz it stands out!!!!! DUH..ALMOST everybody knows that!!!
  • The majority of students in school use a pencil to write with. So any other color besides red ink would work. As a parent, recieving my children's work with red ink actually angers me. I don't like the red ink at all. How about purple?
  • If they want to, it should be up to the teacher, I dont see why a specific color would anger anyone, its purpose is so that you see what your mistake was, so that you dont make it again, and that you learn from it, and red is definitely the color to get your attention.
  • I think that red should be used because the red markings leave an imprint in the mind. I remember when I saw something in red it tends to stick in my head much more than any other color.
  • "Given your 10-year-old Labor government presides over the lowest numeracy and literacy standards of any state in Australia, don't you think it's time we focused on classroom outcomes rather than these kooky, loony, loopy, lefty policies?" Mr McArdle asked. YEAH!!!, Mr. McArdle!
  • I dont give a crap, they can youse pencil for all i care, it really doesn't make a difference to me, except, i take that back dont use pencil, some kid will erase it, but they should put thier initials on it, so the tchr knows if the kid is faking that they did it or not...
  • I think they should use orange cause its a better color
  • maybe not but theyre going to do what they want anyways

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