• No not normally. However, thier avitar definately affects me. If it is scary or strange, I am more unlikely to answer thier questions or interact with them.
  • Only if its a completely perverted user name. Then if they ask really perverted or unnecessary questions.
  • I personally don't do that, and will never do it. But it has been done onto me by some members who have disagreed with me on certain issue and have suggested that my answer was worthless and that my username reflects just that. That has been an unfair judgment because those individuals apparently never took the time to read any of my questions and answers.
  • Naw everybody is a scumbag till I think different Joking!!!
  • I never judge anyone, at least not before I look in the mirror!
  • No I don't. I think it's funny that some people think I'm a guy...just cuz my name's Big. I don't judge at all:)
  • Not usually... but I know enough to know that if they have a really cool name or avitar? chances are they will be somewhat decent as far as my own likes and preferences are concerned. but if I think its lame that doesn't mean that they are.
  • Never. I hardly, if ever, look at the names. I look at the questions instead. I also look at their answers. These too give enough indications of a person character. If I find the character matching mine I look at the profile. The if found suitable I put in a friends request. I am happy to say no request of mine has been rejected so far. So my procedure for judgments must be right.
  • I decide by interaction with that person.
  • Pff.. no! Why would I judge 'iHEARTkkk' by their username? Perhaps subconsciously :) lol
  • well in some cases yes it seems a pretty substantial thing to judge on since you choose it yourself if someones user name is 'I like to Date rape' im probably gonna avoid them a little bit

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