• the "sales" and mostly the limited seclection from everything being picked through.
  • The hype and the number of months you have to endure it.
  • Christmas is all about the almighty profit margin for retailers these days.
  • According to my aunt, two departments store chains have busily been buying up all the little mom and pop stores and small chains for years, then a year or so ago, one chain bought the other. So its really only one department store chain doing all the jamming. And guess who that might be? Well, who started really commercializing the whole thing eighty years or so ago?
  • The fact that family is jammed down everyone's throat. This overt call for family togetherness is painful for people who either do not have family or loved ones, or who are not on good terms with those loved ones, or who simply wish to have a simpler time than is permissible by having family jammed down one's throat. Don't get me wrong, family is crucially important for many people, but for those who are without, this time of year is downright cruel.
  • I don't like the cold weather.
  • traffic. if I want to go to the mall and grab a lipstick from Nordstrom's It takes me forever to find parking. its this huge production
  • The music. I can't find a normal song on the radio for the life of me. Hell even my IPOD switches on christmas tunes. I didn't download them, WTH people, WTH?
  • The spending of your lifes savings just to see people open presents. The marketing strategies and hidden costs from department stores is so frustrating that I can not stand to stay in a mall for more than 15 minutes. And don't get me started with these 'super sales' marketing ploys.
  • Expectations that we put on ourselves can be too stressful.
  • Stress.
  • The stress. People want everything to be perfect - like on TV. And when it inevitably isn't, they go nuts.
  • It just seems to be the way it is these days! holiday season is so commecialized that we would think something was wrong if it wasn't
  • the lines and how hot it gets in all the stores
  • Nothing. I love the holidays.
  • Short answer: family.
  • the weight gain.
  • Not having my family around to celebrate is what I dislike most about holidays. At such times the gaiety and festivities I see in the malls in a way helps. I do see people shopping for families but I also see others like me who want to feel a sense of belonging amongst strangers and in a way find it when we observe others like us in these shops. Commercialization of festivals is vulgar to a certain extent but there are quite a few of us who find solace in it. It becomes our only celebration. A great question.
  • Stress.
  • I don't like anything about the holidays other than the food. And it's Christmas that really bothers me. I see Santas and Christmas trees EVERYWHERE! All I hear people talking about is what they want for Christmas, and where they're going for Christmas. ENOUGH with the Christmas already! Sorry for being a little hostile, but I just hate the holiday season. Just call me Scrooge.
  • People turn selfish, you would it would the exact opposite, but because of Commercialism (I think its called) people only revolve around tangible goods. We are in a recession, its so clear and apprarent. People are saying things like, "Well you know we have bills to pay and we would like to save some money so we are going to stay home.." or something along those lines, but the response isn't sympathy or understanding, its "Oh no, but its christmas! Well what are you going to send?" Things along those lines are what makes the holidays full of merry bullsh*t. Even if we weren't in a tough times, it would still be about presents... Theres always next year people, theres always coming home after the holidats are over, as long as the family gets together isn't that what matter at least? I have assumed the " I don't give a damn" approach to the holidays because I know people wont change so whatever happens will happen I guess.
  • well i love christmas but this year has upset and annoyed me 4 2 reasons. christmas adverts in stores and TV stated even before haloween and that way 2 early! (this may happen every year and im sure it annoys me every year but this year it annoyed me more as ive noticed it more!) also a few months back i had a fall out with my mum and shes not letting me see my 8 year old little brother at all, he is every thing to me and i love him with all my heart and i hate the fact i cant see him, im going to drive down there xmas morn but i doubt my mum will be there, if she is i doubt shed let me in! i will miss him terribly as for the last 7 christmas's i have made sure he gets to have his fun as well (as my mum thinks its all about her getting drunk!) and this year we will both have a crappy christmas because of her selfishness!
  • nothing really, but sometimes people do expect things to be more expensive than they need to be, and that's annoying, people shouldn't be so materialistic and just be happy someone thought of them

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