• Best to strike up a conversation and see if there's any chemistry. To blindly go up to someone without chatting with them and getting to know them and giving a phone number is kind of like cold calling by telemarketers. You may get one positive response but mostly you'll get hangups. A guy should chat with the girl, find out if she's single (in a subtle, not too obvious way), find out if you have anything in common, and build from there. Once a rapport has been established, it's a good time to ask her out. But don't pal around with her so much that she thinks of you as 'just a friend'. If you're interested in dating let her know, but please find out first if she's single, then build a rapport with her before you do it.
  • my husband use to cheat by picking up other women, by writing notes and leaving them on there car windscreens asking them to text him. this was at the local shopping carpark too!
  • thanks
  • You should just start talking to them...if its someone you see everyday (maybe at the bus stop) let her know your there..start with a smiles....and maybe the next day tell her how much you like her shirt or something...just try and get them talking...and you could take her out for coffee something small so she wouldn't get scared off...then if all things go well you ask her for her number....ans set up a dinner...or club night.
  • Say "HELLO! I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is XXXX and I work at the mens store on first street. (or where ever you work) . I think I have seen you here before and I was so glad to see you here again. I was wondering if I could ask you to have a cup of coffee or maybe some lunch with me so I could get to know you, or are you not available for dating?" Keep it simple, keep it innocent, smile, a cup of coffee is a friendly non-commiting thing to ask of her. She may prefer to meet you someplace for the first date so she would feel safer dating a stranger. Choose a quiet place you can drink coffe or eat and talk quietly to get to know each other.
  • I got some tips for you: First of all, make sure you eat a bowl of french onion soup before doing anything. It will give you the energy you need to do whatever it is you like. There is no use going out on the hunt for chicks on an empty stomach. And onions are an aphrodisiac, too. So it will put you right in the right mindset. ...Don't worry about the breath. It's a minor setback and well worth the benefits the aphrodisiac will give you. Next, be sure to grow out a pencil-thin mustache. Chicks seem to dig these types of things. (Something my dad told me.) After that, be sure to work on your whistle. In order to get a sexy girl's attention, you're going to need to be able to whistle loudly and often. Also, work on your pinch. The harder you pinch a girl's ass, the more manly she thinks you are and the more likely she is to go out with you. A lot of body hair usually works too. Body hair is a good indication that you are a man. A real man. Not one of those sissies. If you can't grow that much body hair, try trimming a little off of your head and adhering it to your chest, back and crotch. Women love that. Alright, bud. Good luck. Although, if you follow these simple steps, luck won't even be an issue. Getting chicks will be automatic!
  • walk up to them and ask them the time when he gives it to you or if he has not got it star talking to him and then ask him if he wants a drink and then if he says yes your in if he says no well you move on to the next guy and if it goes well leave your number with him at the end of the night
  • I think you should give your number and smile, a card is easier... say I'd like to have a drink with you sometime, my name is .... and walk away, you'll get her name if she calls, if she's interested, she'll call and will be basing it on first appearances. Let her decide if she's not attracted or if she is... rather than putting her on the spot. Good luck.

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