• No. Mammals give birth to live young, have hair, and breastfeed milk to their young through MAMMARY glands (hence the name mammal). Crocodiles are reptiles.
  • No, its a reptile
  • A crocodile is a reptile.
  • Nope. It's a reptile. Mammals are creatures that give live birth, as opposed to laying eggs (with 2 exceptions), usually have some sort of hair or fur, and breastfeed their babies.
  • No it is a reptile , mammals are warm blooded creatures.
  • It's a reptile. Amphibians differ by the way the young look when they are born. All reptiles look exactly like a miniature of what they will be when they are full grown. Amphibians have to morph to become what they will eventually be...frogs start as tadpoles.
  • of course it is...what? you cant see all that lush, thick fur all over its not at all scaly body? and those eggs it lays, totally indicative of being a mammal...whats scary is how like us they really are
  • 8-30-2017

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