• you must have a return voltage from the source cable ie; VGA Computer Monitor Cable or S-Video Cable from an amplified AV Reciever or something. On mine, I unplug it from the wall and hold down the power button,(on the Akai),as i plug it back in thus surpassing the need for low voltage return then just leave it on all the time just like a computer monitor which essentially that is what Akai TV's are, then Ijust put my cable box on standby and the tv will sense this and go to auto-standby. remember unplugtv and plug it back in while holding the power button on the tv itself.
  • This tv is known for having an over worked diode in the power supply when a few other components weaken. It will eaither need a new power supply board or repair the shorted component and replace the bad capacitors.The return voltage is only true when you have the set in VGA/ PC mode and have powered of a computer connected to it. It will turn on for 3 seconds allowing you to hit the source mode button and make the change but you have only 3 seconds to do it before it shuts down again. Good luck.
  • What is the schematic reference for that diode if I may ask? Thanks
  • try replacing the capacitors on the power supply board.

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