• Because they don’t want to get caught lol.
  • I believe that when they are doing the crime they feel like they are too good to get caught. Then when they finally do they feel they can over take the law. I call it superman syndrome
  • because they think they wont get caught, and have committed the perfect crime. they are smart enough to realize that one doesnt steal if one might get caught. they just dont have the fore sight to see that whatever they do, they will eventually get caught.
  • cause they know their going to jail Lol
  • They thought they could get away with it but HAHA they didn't, boo hoo for them - yea right.
  • Human behaviour is very complex, so it could be for a number of reasons. In my experience, though, a lot of criminals are bitter, angry people with a grudge against society, and sometimes they have an attitude of "me vs. society", so when they get arrested that makes them angry, because they feel that society is against them. Even if in the back of their mind they know that what they did warrants punishment; but emotion is never logical. It could also be that they get angry when things go wrong, or what have you. Haven't you ever gotten frustrated when life kicked you in the pants?
  • because they are probably on drugs:)
  • Maybe they've been to "the big house" before, and they don't want Bruno putting it in their ass again!
  • There has to be a degree of narcissism in some criminals in order to repeatedly violate other people to meet their perceived needs. I am talking about those who do so without a moral twinge or twitch, those who suffer no significant pangs of conscience. I am not talking about those who are desparate or weak under pressure, or who commit one-time crimes of passion. Those with narcissistic, borderline, orsociopathic tendancies will feel angry because they are the center of their worlds and they have been thwarted by authority they do not recognize and law they do not respect. This is not universal, but neither was the example. :)
  • I don't, and those criminals that do, are giving the rest of us a bad rap.
  • They were probably counting on not being caught. Many crimes are committed in hopes that they will be able to get away with it; if they are doing it then they have obviously analyzed the risks and consequences, and still decided to do it. They were just hoping that they would get away with it. Fuck, I'd be pissed too.
  • Being a criminal must be hard and stressful "work", and they must be aware that every time they partake in their occupation or "proficiency", it jeopardizes their freedom. All that stress and fear must come out as desperation. :/ They may be criminals, but they're still humans, and nobody wants their freedom taken away.
  • usually becuase robbers arn't usually people like you and me they've usually got some dort of disorder and i measn that in the nicest passible way not offending anyone but usually they do and when they get caught they go all crazy about it either that or its a drug over dose or too much alcohol that night
  • No thanks needed. I speak only the truth. :]
  • cos they know its stupid and wrong in the 1st place but they think "mmmmmmmmm......will I get caught or wont I, lets see shall we" lol the dopey's :)

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