• ok the easiest way to do it!!!! just turn off your firewall cuz sometimes it wont let you connect!!! now you setup a network connection with your computer using share internet now when you get to the part where your computer is searchin for the other computer you start your ps3 connection test which should all be set to automatic becuase the isp and dns for your cricket dont work for some reason once!!! once your computer finds your ps3 it will ask you run the setup wizard in other computer just select skip and your good to go!!! now if ya know what to setup on your fire wall give it a go but sometimes i cant connect!! then i shut off the firewall and it connects right up!!! now it will say you have a nat 3 connection but my ranks and headset work just fine i buy game from the network and chat with my friends no problem!!! you should be gamin in no time!!!!!

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