• You know I will never figure that out. I am amazed when I see the footage of the Beetles concert or Elvis concert and girls passing out and crying, I am so embarrassed for them! I met Nick Nolte and he was different for a lack of a better word! lol! I was not star struck or speechless. I talked to him like I would anyone else. My favorite actors are Anthony Hopkins and Sean Penn. If I had a chance to meet them I think that I could contain myself.
  • I can only assume that admire that which is in them as something they themselves could never do. I honestly do not understand it myself. If the majority of the people would stop feeding the idea of celebrities being royalty the popularity would fade thus lowering the price of entertainment. Nearly everything in this world is supply and demand which the more we want the higher the price becomes.
  • I suppose it's for the same reason that some people look up to the sky and think there's something up there watching over them
  • because we idolize them, talk about them, make them sound so wonderful and great when they are not any better or sometimes worse than anybody else
  • Because we want to be like them and by worshiping them we make ourselves feel better. But we shouldn't, they are just like us, only richer and well-know.

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