• I stop the car and try to have a short nap
  • Turn up the radio or whatever CD i have in the CD player or i switch CDs to some up beat songs that can keep me awake or i turn on the AC or the Heater or open the windows to keep me awake while im driving.
  • Stop and rest
  • Roll the windows down..crank up the radio and sing along..If this dont work..pull over and rest.
  • Stop and rest if I have a long way to go. Get coffee, roll the windows down, and blast my stereo if I am close to home.
  • If it is feeling sleepy but not falling asleep, I will get something to munch on. If that does not do it, or it goes farther than that, I pull into a busy parking lot, and nap. If someone else is with me, I let THEM drive.
  • windows down, and radio up.
  • Stop, run around the car 5 times, do 10 push ups to get the blood circulation going. Turn on the radio and search for some opera soprano singer. That irritates the white wax out of me so that I cannot sleep. Works perfectly I promise. Also windows down.
  • I don't drive anymore, but when I did I'd open up the window and blast some quality, up tempo, driving music. Something like this.
  • either slap myself in the face, or ask whoever is in the passenger seat to smack me in the face that usually wakes me up
  • I pull over as soon as possible.
  • i have carried on but i know for next time to stop and have a break.....
  • Pull over and stop the vehicle. If someone is with you, let them drive. If not, take a short nap, get something to eat and have a cup of coffee. I don't drive when tired (or rarely at night) and the only time I ever felt sleepy at the wheel, was a rather frightening experience when my car wandered off the right side of the road.
  • I have in the past unfortunately tried to keep driving by taking breaths of fresh air.Two times,during night time driving on a highway,when I started falling asleep,I would appear to run over an old lady with long hair.I would immediately look in the rear view mirror,and since there was no thump,I thought it must be a spirit of some kind to warn me to take a rest.I would be scared I pulled over,and figured it was a sign to stop and rest.Both ghosts or spirits were identical.
  • I have sleep apnea,so I've had some very exciting moments on awakening as I'm driving down the road.My advice: Park the car & take a 10-15 minute nap.If you are then unable to sleep, I've noticed that just resting this period does the trick.
  • Smoke a few cigarettes, slap myself in the face, open the windows (works especially well if it's freezing cold weather) and crank the volume on the stereo. If there's time and opportunity for it, stop somewhere to get a cup of coffee and splash some cold water on my face, but I've been in situations where stopping was not an option, unfortunately.
  • I once drove from Montana to Texas non-stop, just to see if I could do it. I drank insane amounts of Mt. Dew and coffee, smoked cigarettes and chewed tobacco, jammed to the radio, slapped myself a lot at the end, rolled the windows down and stuck my head outside, and the last few hours my friend in the truck had to keep yelling at me.
  • Crank Metallica!
  • If there is no place (like a diner or rest stop) I pull over and get out and walk around a bit. I will do this until I can find a place to either rest or eat and drink some coffee.
  • I never have had any issues falling asleep. I drove with someone from nevada to oklahoma straight through. it helps to have someone to switch off with driving. Loud music, spicy beef jerky or peanuts, taking a break when u need it, stopping to eat (not too much), cold, and pop help me out. Can't smoke though it puts me to sleep.
  • Smoke some crack.
  • Pull over and call someone to pick me up !!
  • Thank God!!
  • I have never fallen asleep while driving. But on one occasion I was very sleepy while on a long drive, so I stopped and had a sleep.

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