• no the more drugs off the street the better i say
  • I don't feel it's entrapment but I think the effort would be better spent going after the Pimps / drug suppliers. It's the old saying "cut off the snake's head and the body dies." Cut off the supply and the demand will dwindle.
  • I knew someone who was in narcotics and he said the war on drugs is a huge waste of time if the true goal is to wipe out drug use. One reason it's done is because of the money that the prison industry makes charging tax payers from 32-42,000 for EACH PRISONER incarcarated per year. This is a huge amount of money. Prison is not the Hilton, believe me. Most of the money is NOT spent on the prisoners, but goes to the CEOs of the corporate prison system. The more people in prison, the more money they make. Another issue is that many human beings will use drugs to deal with spiritual pain no matter what laws are passed.
  • I think the people who sell drugs to our children should be acused of entrapment. They are tricking and trapping children into a terrible place and well being.
  • They illegally use Entrapment all the time on "Cops". Female undercover officer asks some guy on the street if he wants to get laid, and then when they go back to the hotel room and they discuss payment, they storm the room and arrest the "John". That's textbook Entrapment. Same thing with the drugs. Cops pose as low level street dealers and arrest people who ride up in cars trying to score. Then they impound the cars as well, one after another. All they ever say is "this is a high drug traffic area and you shouldn't be here". It's bullshit. Taxpayer money straight down the drain.
  • In my opinion no. To me I view it like when cops stop someone doing something suspicious, only on a bigger scale.
  • I'm not pro prostitutes but yes I think it is total entrapment and have always been against it & believe it is a way for the city or county to make money off of fines. They are consenting adults who would have sex anyway so who cares if a little money is involved. oh I know it would probably be alright if the Johns would send out W-9's so the IRS could track the cash.
    • mushroom
      How about the underage runaways who feel trapped by drugs and their pimps: consenting?
  • I think the prostitution stings are definitely entrapment.
  • As a generalization that you're using, no.

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