• I masturbate and drink.
  • You go to the bar. If you're not into that then you order out a great meal and cozy up on your couch watching your favorite movies.
  • Go do volunteer work Go visit the ederly Homeless shelters Childrens homes
  • If it comes to not being with my family... I call that a holiday well spent!
  • I rent some movies and spend quiet time alone.
  • I agree with Sweet T. Then after that over, rent a good movie, curl up on the sofa, and relax.
  • omg that wuld be sad spending the holidays alonge i hope that would never happen to me lol..but idk what i would do, problably stay home?
  • I enjoy the time to my self, make some hot coco, make some pop corn and watch a good movie, then againI am never really alone...I have my wife
  • Seriously I do not know what I would do. I have a large family and we are all always together on Christmas Eve. I would have to just go knock on some strangers door and ask if I could come in and spend it with them. And I would remind them that people that are alone during the holidays tend to kill themselves more and hope that they would invite me in.
  • alone. No family or friends. I feel alone with family sometimes. Not much a difference for me.
  • Volunteer. You can be around all kinds of people that way and do something good. You can also take the time to read, write, or work on another project.
  • You will find me here on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Go to a bar and get drunk, there would probably be people there to spend time with too!!
  • I like what's here so far, so will say "yes" to those and add too .. (1) find a way to go out there and be with others - at an event - and help out. Doesn't matter which one or how long or what you do. Find one that calls to you and do it. You'll feel GREAT for having done that and likely be surprised by what you get back in the process when least expected. (2) if you can't find an organized event to volunteer at? Just go back to SweetT's list. Find a nursing home or select a hospital - then go there - "just because". Just GO. Bring cookies - or just wander around at random - saying hello - patting a hand - reading a poem - giving a hug - listening to someone's memories pr story. (3) love the ideas already presented about snuggling on your couch and watching good movies. Excellent. (4) also like the idea of ordering food then enjoying your "feast" - like a lovely ritual for yourself - maybe even add that glass of wine - or if no alcohol, that one after dinner chocolate. But make it a special something. (5) if you "do" have people important to you but couldn't be with them due to physical distances? Then make use of that TELEPHONE and enjoy some quality holiday time that way. :) Spread out your calls if you have more than one. It makes the day and evening easier to "do" on your own. (6) out in left field? Work on a fun hobby as that movie is playing .. or write letters .. or read a book .. or cook . Or when you rented those movies? And planned your food? Go back in time and buy yourself a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle!! Over the big holiday week .. you can have that going. :)
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      Some great ideas here
  • I would go ahead and do all the Christmassy things anyway! I once spent Christmas on my own, but still filled my Christmas stocking and put it at the end of the bed, and had a proper Christmas dinner etc - ok.. so I was on my own, but that does not mean I cannot have a good time too!
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      Sounds very self-loving healthy. : )
  • a friend.
  • Go to the bar and get drunk.
  • It's likely about to happen for the first time in my life this year. So we'll see when Thanksgiving gets here.
  • Invite me up. I once lived in Hoffman Estates. I really miss Kroch’s and Brentano’s. It was and probably will always be my favorite book store. It is so very sad to see such greatness gone with nothing to take its place. The salesmen at Barns and Noble in Manhattan are only a step above McDonalds workers.
  • I would be free to wallow in my own crapulence...
  • Even when the family is together we often work at a church that offers meals to all-poor, old, homeless and frequently folks who just don't have anywhere elso to go and don't want to be alone. At Easter we take the church flowers to shut-ins.
  • I used to be alone all the time for son was away at college and other relatives were otherwise engaged. I always made a feast for myself, planned in advance and done as much in advance (the day before) as possible. Then I'd check out any marathons that were running..On 4th of July there were always Twilight Zone Marathons, for each 4th of July I'd get a pillow, lie down in front of the TV and enter that world. When I got hungry, I'd have some already prepared treats to eat. So while it wouldn't have been my first choice of how to spend a holiday, I always had fun and enjoyed myself! :)
  • buy me a hooker?
  • I do not mind traveling alone. I will have more flexibility.
  • I have my local watering hole. Always someone to talk to, relax with.....
  • I get the apartment to myself while everyone goes home on Turkey day and christmas. I usually work on papers for class in college or catch up on books that I wanted to read.
  • Volunteering your time to the less fortunate is always nice. Trust me they appreciate it.
  • If you are concerned that it will be lonely, then take a trip. Maybe a tour where you will get to know others. My husband and I went on a tour in Europe over Chrismas one year and had the best time. We met people who were there by themselves, families, couples, even two sisters in their 20's who were traveling together. We got to know everyone pretty well. It was the best non-family vacation we have ever taken. Enjoy!
  • im the same way especially at christmas time, my family is jewish and my friends wont invite me, i hate it. not much you can do unless you want to volunteer somewheres
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      I hope something different and interesting happen for you this holiday.

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