• Don't put all of your apples in one basket. Spread your moines between varying investments that will not all be affected in case of a downturn. Mt R Bill
  • It means by putting money in more then one place, you can reap more rewards. If you only invest in one or 2 places, you become dependent on that investment. If it goes bad, you lost all of your money, and your chances are a lot higher of that happening then spreading your money around. By spreading your money around, the chances of losing all of your money becomes less. You also have more investments that could jump in prices making you even more money. However, all of them could take a turn for the worse. Investments are always risky and never guaranteed, but by diversifying, you have money in different sectors so the chances are less likely of you losing all of your money.
  • Shit, if someone said that to me, I would think they were coming on to me. =P

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