• No, never.
  • No. That would only make them feel as though they weren't planned. Therefore, not wanted.
  • No I wouldnt, This could have serious effect on your child. It would be better if they ask to say that they were not planned but you are greatful that it did because they mean so much to you.
  • not as a child. As an adult when they get old enough to know what it is and realize that it doesn't change the fact that you love them..I don't see why it would matter. I would seek the help of a professional or minister as to the best way to do that but they might someday need to know case of accident or they have their own kids..they will need to know that..God forbid they need an organ transplant/blood, etc and the MD has to tell them that their dad is not their father.. only you can really know what is best in that situation
  • Never!......what purpose would that serve?
  • Well god obviously wanted the child to be here so yeah I would say you were planed in GODS EYES :)
  • If others know about the rape, then yes, absolutel; There's always a chance that someone else will tell your child....and that would be devastating. Wait until they are at least 16.....
  • Probably not but if they heard it from someone else, it would be quite worse than hearing it from a mother. When you dig a little deeper, it should make the kid feel good because they weren't aborted or given away.
  • Things always have a way of coming out. When the day comes and they hear this somewhere from some loud mouth, you can just give them a huge hug and say.......You are my blessing that turned something meant for my harm into my miracle!
  • I wont lie to my child about who the father is. However, I wouldnt say that it was rape, unless it had to be said for some reason. They need to know only for health history reasons.
  • Why? To make their life miserable for the rest of life.....?
  • I would, when they were at an age where they could understand it. I would also tell them that in no way did it change how much I loved them. Always err on the side of telling the truth.
  • I suppose it depends on how you treated them. It can either come across as the ultimate in love or as the untmost in resentment. This Fear Factory song (not the video so much) was about being the despised child from a rape.
  • i wouldn't tell my child they were the result of a rape. When they are old enough to understand I would tell them I was raped so they can understand the dangers expecially if it was a girl. And if someone knew and told my child that they were i'd probably do something i wouldn't regret. I look at it this way, I have no opinions on pregnancy that is a result of a rape except I believe it depends on the mother if she keeps the child, gives it up for adoption or has an abortion. personally i am against abortion but this would be a cercumstance i wouldn't blame someone if they couldn't handle the pregnancy. personally i would keep my child no matter what. I would never be able to kill him/her and i would never be able to give it up for adoption. But you have to look at it from the childs perspective, how many kids don't think their parents love them when their conception was normal? A child doesn't need to know how s/he came to be just that they are loved.
  • I am sure that you can answer this question.. Whould you tell your child that not only its a mistake but it his parents never fell anything for each other? Don't do it to your baby. Good for you that you decided to keep it. I have a friend which her parents got married because her mum got pregnant of her and everytime her parents fight she thinks that its her fault that they are married and unhappy. Kids have a weird way to receive things.
  • I can answer this one easy . Yes you do tell when the child is age appropiate. I know because my 22 yr daughter is the result of a rape ( by a stranger ) . Now I didn't go into details of that night , which were horid ! But I did let her know that at that moment it was the worst day of my life & because of God HE CREATED THE BEST CHILD FOR ME EVER ! ! ! I Love her dearly & she is my heart . She respects me for telling her the truth also . Having a child no matter what way he/she was concieved is the biggest blessing of all. Do like I did & have a very special mother /daughter day & after you say all you feel needs to be said , aske her if she has any questions for you. You will be suprised what an honest relationship can get through ... Good Luck !!!
  • One of my brothers is a result of rape, and my mother didnt like him at first she but now as 24 years pass by he is mammas boy well it seems like it to me lol but she told him when the subject came up in the conversation and it didnt change anything i guess he appreciates the fact that our mother overcame those feelings of hate and turned it into love and took care of my brother without making him feel any different from the rest of us.
  • If my child was insisting on having a relationship with their father and I thought she was in danger by doing so, you'd better believe it.
  • yer, you are a result of rape im am your dad
  • In all honesty and high in probability I would not have given birth. That is solely my opinion and my personal choice. I just dont think I am that good hearted of a person to see past how that child was concieved. I ask no forgiveness in how I feel from God or anyone beneath him, it just is not something I could see me being able to handle. And bless the people who can you are far better then I.
  • A lot would depend on the personality of the child, if i felt the child was naturally too sensitive etc then i wouldnt.
  • When the child is old enough, but not before .
  • I'm all the way with you.Tell me what do you want.

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