• It isn't?
  • I think emotional instability leads to the act of cutting. Cutting is a behavior.
  • Yes, self-injury is the sign of a personality disorder, usually emotional instability.
  • Any form of self-harm means there's an emotional problem!
  • Yes, very much so.
  • not at all. Cutting is a symptom of a far greater disease. Todays society pushing the "emo" scene and having all the commercials every day makes people think it's okay to be depressive and suicidal. If someone is bi-polar and has a shift to the negative but doesn't get meds for it and try to work through it, it will lead to the act of cutting or other levels of self harming behaviour. People only cut for 2 reason. 1) they feel numb and want to feel SOMETHING, whether it's good or bad, they want to feel. or 2) They feel so overwhelmed with a jumble of emotions, they want to release the internal tension while giving themselves something to focus on. Both of those reasons are attached to the fact that they have internal emotional issues, cutting itself isn't the problem.
  • It can often be a symptom thereof, yes.

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