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  • blindfold them, smear peanut butter on them and get the dog to do it! ;)
  • Let the neighbor's Rottweiler do the job for me
  • You do it anyway. Chances are it will be a valid investment with great returns.
  • Save the toe-sucking for special occasions.
  • Haven't they invented some contraption to do the work? I will go out and buy one for my partner. Thats the best I can do.
  • I would probably do it. Then I could ask her to do something in return. =)
  • I would raise her foot to her mouth and let her do it...yuck.
  • Do it for your partner on special occasions if you can deal. If it's an absolute no for you, talk to your partner about it and see if there is something else you can do.
  • introduce them to yoga...
  • I don't do anything I'm not comfortable with. I'd explain and wouldn't expect my partner to ask me again! I would do something to compensate though!
  • Get the vacuum cleaner out!!!! LOL.
  • I would chop their toes off.
  • Well, if you really are into pleasing your partner, you can try for the brownie points if you can bear the idea... Or nicely express how you feel about the whole toe-sucking-thing, and say "No thanks". Give an alternative suggestion you are more comfortable with. No offense to the guy I'm with, I love him quite dearly, but feet and toes and mouth just don't do it for me, and never will. There isn't anything that could be put on them to make them more appealing for me either. Just Cuz you don't want to suck his/her toes doesn't mean you love him/her any less.
  • .... just tell them you don't like it. They shouldn't force you to do something you are uncomfortable with.
  • This is why I make sure when we are dating and getting to know each other that we learn what each other likes and dislikes before we form a committed relationship. I have found that many couples end a relationship because they like certain things and they find out too late their partner doesn't so the they go out and find a way to get their desires satisfied. So to answer your question I would tell them you should have told me in the beginning this was something you wanted, then you would have found it it was not something I am willing to do.
  • Not suck them...make him suck mine...I bet he would not ask to suck his again...I would make sure I had some really good nasty toe jam up in there first!!! lol..jk
  • I just wouldn't .. I prefer other body parts, thanks.
  • tell him "suck them yourself"
  • If it doesn't kill/hurt you then do it. In a relationship, it is all about compromising and if your partner has a toe sucking fetish, do it to make your partner happy. It isn't the worst thing in the world. I am sure that you partner does things for you.
  • let the dog lick them nasty things....NO WAY am I going near anyones feet. Adjacent to or otherwise....
  • Tell him to check the yellow pages for 'toe suckers' and see if he can hire one.
  • Ill suck his toes.... lol it gets him in the mood.... =]
  • move on - i would say that is a deal breaker
  • wow. ummmm. I guess I would give it a try. I'll try anything twice. I would INSIST on a pedicure first and a thorough washing prior to each sucking, though... I can just about guarantee that I would not enjoy doing it, though :(
  • If it is something you just can't do then tell him so. No one should do anything that really turns them off. After all if you are turning him on but it turns you off it kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe you could talk about things you both might like to try. Personally, I have a foot thing so I would be cleaning those feet and doing the nails nicely and massaging oil into them and sucking them, but hey, thats just me.
  • Find something you like that they don't...and offer to swap.

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