• If you were to count everything going on in your brain in one second at a rate of one thing a second you'd be counting for 32 million years!!
  • That's easy: Barack Obama is the president-elect of the United States. I mean, jeez, even if you hate the guy, how can you not?
  • My wife told me "yes!" :D
  • That I was her "missing puzzle piece". It was one of the happiest moments of my entire life.
  • My cousin and I were talking on the phone last night-we always get on the phone late at night. She told me how beautiful that I was when I was eighteen and that I had beautiful teeth. I said "really, I didn't know it at the time." It felt amazing because most of my life, I just tryed to feel accepted about my physical appearance.
  • I wasnt to have (FILL IN BLANK) with you.
  • I was very down and he told me he loved me which always makes me smile.
  • My niece Jessica came over yesterday and told me how much she admired me for everything I have done in my life and how much I have helped her and other family members when they needed help. She wanted to know if there was anything at all I wanted or desired that I do not already have.
  • That would be my daughters telling me they love me.
  • My fiancee is very lovey dovey, and the other night told me when we have kids, he hopes they have their mothers radiant beauty XD He knows how to keep me happy :]
  • Well... she said that I was amazing, that she thinks about me constantly, and that no one has ever made such an impression on her that's made her think about them all the time. =)
  • Someone acknowledged that I look out for them
  • You are a smart guy and you never cease to amaze me.
  • Yesterday our precinct was acknowledged as the least chaotic one the poll watchers had seen, and the one where people were most likely to get the services they needed. I was amazed myself that six strangers could come together into what looked like such a well-oiled machine so quickly. We all just seemed to fall into place right from the start, without even anyone telling us what to do.
  • my honey told me i looked stunningly beautiful last night and that i made him deliriously happy.
  • Well, about a month ago, over our traditional Sunday morning breakfast out, beloved said to me: "You know M? You have been so incredibly brave this year! I am so proud of you! You have been as positive as anyone could possibly attempt to be, given the year you have gone through, what with your lung cancer diagnosis, your subsequent lung surgery and removal, its very real trauma and your handling of continued daily pain. You stopped smoking and never even once looked back. You have stayed faithful to your loving ways, your generosity, your caring of everyone else. You are my 'little pal' and I am a lucky man to have you in my life! Soooo ... I have decided you deserve to receive a BIG present! And, I am going to be the one to give it to you! " [I could hardly believe my ears!! I DIDN'T 'need' ANYTHING! I am so grateful to be alive and with my incredible husband!) He GAVE ME = In cherry-condition ... a 2003 BMWZ4!!! "No, husband!! I AM 'the lucky one!" Meow-meow-meowza ... and a heart held sigh to be so unbelievably in love YOU!"
  • Somebody called me sweetheart, but then I found he calls everybody sweetheart so he doesnt have to remember the name
  • About how unselfish i am for thinking of others first... It made me feel so happy for a moment until someone said.." Your best is not enough.."

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