• so.. youre trying a trick question huh. But why ask it twice?
  • He would have to be Vice-President of the USA and the President dies in office having serve more than half of his 4 year term. The Vice-President would be the President for the rest of the decreased President's term (less than 2 years left) and then he could run for President twice and if he wins be President for 8 more years. Per the US Constitution, the maximum term a US President can serve is 1 day less than 10 years.
  • cant. 4 year term, limit 2.
  • A president cannot serve a 10 year term. A president can only serve 1 day less of 10 years in office over 3 terms. A president can achieve this if he/she is vice president and becomes president no more than two years into the previous presidents term they may run for the next two elections, this brings the maximum total of 1 day less than 10 years in office.
  • If he succeed to the Presidency after being Vice-President, serving out the remaining term of the Presidency and then being elected twice.
  • The president can serve over 8 years if Martial Law is put in place for the entire USA. Under Martial Law the Constitution is suspended for the duration of Martial law.

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