•'re screwed. R.I.P.
  • Depends... But probably not. If you have insurance, go to your doctor.
  • I doubt it......more like a deep coma..........
  • Eventually yes, but I doubt it will be due to a slightly aching left hip. Wish I could be around to see how you deal with growing old.
  • Yes, give me all your money you arent going to need it.
  • get off the floor and watch the game on the couch
  • Yes of old age.
  • Nope it could mean that you have a pinched nerve,and it's going to get worse before it gets better,and theres a good chance that you will suffer for the rest of your life with a debilitating anatomical upset with your skeletal structure and your nerve root companions.It could mean that you will no longer find sleep laying down,and you may loose strength on one side of your body.You will then get injections in your spine as a diagnostic tool to locate the exact root block.Where your nerve will be impinged by a herniated disk,or bone spur pending on your prob,this decreases the flow of your cerebral spinal fluid and brings sharp pains,inability to walk,and numbness.If your a candidate for surgery then yes you could die from a reaction from the anesthesia,internal bleeding,or infection.Thats why we sign the consent form knowing that we could very well die during a simple outpatient procedure,or ultimately wind up in the hospital for months.Worse case scenario!
  • Not until your right hip joins in.

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