• All depends on the breeding and the quality of the animal. Of course babies are cheaper to buy than grown horses because they don't have any training, but training is the most expensive thing to put on a horse, so unless you are a trainer, or have much experience with training yourself, then your cheap baby will end up being a very large investment.
  • Anywhere from free to over a million.
  • in the US, with hay prices at $5 a bale you should be able to get that little girl for about $300
  • The cost varies depending on the quality, and also on the economic situation. These days, horse sellers cannot find buyers, and have to lower the price or even give away their excess horses. Many are simply being abandoned to starve to death in our area.
  • ummm i just bought a yearling for 2,800.... then spent another 1,800 getting her started under saddle after over a year being turned out to grow plus feed and wormer, etc. so add it all up and its probably more than i would have paid for a 6 year old??? that was already started and going because mine is almost 3 and still having to work A LOT with her to get comfortable riding her. if you're not going to breed anything fancy then i would not worry about getting a registered horse or one with really awesome bloodlines.

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