• I did give some gift cards. In a way they are a cop out, but probably the best gift for teenagers and young adults. Anything I buy for them will be relegated to the back of the closet or ebay. I gave my son 3 shirts, which he will return and three gift cards which he loved. Small children and older adults all got thoughtfully chosen gifts. The teens would probably rather have cash, but at least with gift cards you can make sure that they buy something from the store and not just blow the money.
  • I gave my sister and my boyfriends dad gas cards, its better then getting them nothing..They were mostly just last min gifts, because I didn't know what to get them and everyone could use a gas card.
  • YES I did , My neice likes to have gift vouchers for a particular fashion shop, this enables her to go to the sales on Boxing day and buy the clothes that she likes. It may be an impersonal gift but if it is what a person wants ,it is given with thought and love.
  • Gift cards CAN be a cop-out but that isn't always the case. They can be tailored for the person's hobbies, habits or specific needs. I gave several this year, for theater tickets, a skating rink, ski lift tickets and toward airline tickets. I think the more general ones (e.g. to a department store)are pretty much a cop-out.
  • Maybe shoppers are the ones who would prefer receiving gift cards. I mean, they wouldn't probably mind if it's non-personal, just as long as they can shop with it. But I think it's better if we give something other than just a gift card with it, e.g. give greeting cards. At least the giver can put a personal touch on that greeting card. It's nicer and more endearing that way. Online Printing Company |
  • I've received a gift card from a friend before. I think it's still okay as long as you feel comfortable with it. Yes, somehow I do love freebies especially gas gift card. I found a way to get free gas card.
  • I don't see them as cop-outs at all. I love it when someone thinks highly enough of me to give me a gift. I think it's a really lovely gesture, especially when they do not know me well enough to get the "perfect" gift. +5

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