• No, good grades are simply an example of an application of intelligence. There was a kid named James who went to my middle school and his IQ was off the charts, but he was very obnoxious and never paid attention in class. He ended up getting pulled out of 8th grade and put into high school.
  • No, grades indicate that you know the information on the test. True intelligence involves understanding concepts, not just knowing facts.
  • Not necessarily. You can be exceptionally intelligent but disinterested or otherwise unable to conform to school's norms. Don't buy into the grade paradigm, develop your own self esteem and realize that in a 1000 years no one will care what your grades were, only what you did with your time.
  • Not at all.
  • Of course not, given how many kids are given a free pass through grade after grade because they don't want them dropping out. There is also, as said before, the fact that not all focus as they should and hold back, hence the phrase, "sand bagging".
  • Yes. I made perfect grades and I'm a licensed PhD. Trust me, grades are huge indicators of who is short a few brainwaves.
  • No way. There are alot of kids that get bad grades because they are lazy. Or, like me, get bored with their schoolwork and give up. Or are rebellious. They could be geniuses. =)
  • no, there are many levels of intelligence...
  • A big fat NO. My best friend is borderline genius and he did HORRIBLE in highschool. He dropped out and ended up getting his GED. The guy is brilliant when it comes to math. He can add, subtract, multiply, divide, move around numbers, etc. all in his's incredible. When you talk to him, you can tell he's on a different plane of existence I guess you can say. He's one smart dude.
  • No, I have met many people that are extremely intelligent and rich, they never graduated high school and made low grades.
  • NO NO NO! I knew a dude who never went to school, was basically what some would call a gangsta but was the most articulate, gifted dude I ever met. He put me on to alot of things I learned. Grades are indicators of work ethics though
  • No, I've known some very well educated idiots.
  • They can be, and they're the best way we have to measure intelligence. There are cases where a gifted person falls short, or someone is given an easy ride, but for the most part I think they do a pretty good job.
  • No. Most true geniuses that change the world were C students.
  • Einstein did horrible in grade school. Enough said.

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