• Reading. A library card is free. In most libraries, a selection of music and movies are also available.
  • You could take up a charity cause, such as telling as many people as possible about the websites that help feed starving people and are entirely free, such as and to use this search engine instead of google and yahoo which donates to charity:
  • Idle hands are the Devil's workshop, my friend! May I suggest volunteering at the local church, Salvation Army, or battered women's shelter? There's plenty of people in need of prayer and warm clothing, and there's no shortage of women who need to be taught to listen. Doing the Lord's work is satisfying and uplifting. Peace be with you!
  • you could AB at the library for free
  • AS suggested, charity work. And, since you have a computer, how about approaching a few companies for some freebies you can give away to the disadvantaged? That is how I have got a lot of things for the orphanages I support in Indonesia over the years.

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