• Yes, for the worse.
  • No. That is a personal decision and absolutely none of my business or anybody else's
  • No, it's none of my business.
  • It depends on who they are now.
  • It would affect me if they had more or less forced the other person into an abortion against their will. Besides that, it was a mutual decision and I wouldn't care either way.
  • lol we have so many screw ups here
  • Yes. Its says alot about them and their judgment.
  • Yes. For the better.
  • No. I am against abortion, but I am not against the people who disagree with me or practice it. I wish they could see things my way, but I hold no animosity toward them. If we could practice more respect for other people, they might be more able to consider our viewpoints.
  • Why should it affect my opinion? The law says it's perfectly OK (sarcasm) Another thing to think about: would someone admit it, even though it's supposed to be "perfectly OK"? As a matter of fact this has happened to me more than once. My "best" friend I'd known from grammar school had an abortion and even though I didn't say anything I could not feel the same way about her. She also changed, and I'm sure it was due to (unrecognized) guilt. What was worse is that she was married and when her husband found out he beat the crap out of her and left. Result: 3 lives ruined. We started hanging around less and less and she changed more and more. Then she just moved away and I don't even know where she moved to. Her parents wouldn't tell me. Now I feel sadness for her and know that she will have to suffer for the rest of her life. There's nothing you can say or do to take the life back. Another person I know has had at least 3 abortions and I just call her the red-haired bitch now. She gets pregnant to try to hold onto a guy, and when she tells him he dumps her so she kills the baby.
  • Many people don't talk about this, so if they tell me, I would take it as a sign of trust.
  • I wouldn't think worse of a woman who had an abortion if they had been pressured into it or didn't know any better but I would have little but disgust for a guy who'd pressured a woman into having an abortion unless he was sorry he did it. Ditto for a woman who used multiple abortions as a means of birth control. I wouldn't want to be their friend.
  • No, it is their choice to make, their life to live.
  • If they were sorry they acted like that and showed regret I would not hold it against them. If they saw nothing wrong with it, I would not associate with the "Manson Style Baby Killer"!
  • Yes. I would know they have the ability to kill.
  • i think it dependsa on the circumstances and how they went about it. If they told some crackhead with ten kids already that she should consider the option , I i might think they were trying to help. On the other hand, of they stand outside of OB/GYN offices with a box of coat-hangers and a shit eating grin, I might wonder frown upon that ...after I stopped laughing.
  • Yes, it speaks to their character and disrespect for human life.

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