• Because many people aren't really asking for an opinion. It's just a figure of speech for them;)
  • Oh, yes! I so wholeheartdly agree with you. All they want is reassurance that they're right and you dare disagree with them or issue a different opinion, they jump on your throat like a rabid dog. That's what I call denial and self-righteousness
  • Oh there are many reasons I can think of. They seek validation rather than reassurance. They have a need to fish for compliments, but would never come right out and say it. And on favorable answers, well, the truth hurts. Asking for an opinion is simply a not so clever way of somebody asking others to tell them what they want/need to hear. This is not true in ALL cases of course. Great question.
  • Maybe they need to let off some steam....
  • You already answered it in your question. Those kind of people just want to be told they are right and it ok. Sad, but true for some...
  • Not only that but after you answer said question you are bombarded with negative comments, their point of view on the matter or even DRed. I realize we are all entitled to or own opinions however lets be a little more reasonable. You have to take the bad with the good.I'm with you.+
  • I have seen some that do it for Attention (Drama), some that do it so they can Argue with you, and some that do it for the Sympathy.
  • They are looking for support of their ideals and standards since they obviously don't feel comfortable being alone with them. So they can't believe they are the only ones. It's sometimes like mob mentality.
  • Because this a competitive site which awards points. Take away that and 90 per cent of the questions wouldn't have been asked on here. We have all asked questions that we have already made our minds up about, so anything different can cause conflict for some. life is always easier when people agree which is why reassuring and compliments makes us feel better but debatable answers are always more interesting and challenging if the difference of opinion can be debated in an adult,friendly and respectful way.
  • In some cases they feel they are making a wrong decision, but if they can get others to agree with them, then suddenly it's not that bad. In other cases, people just need that reassurance to go forward with something. Others just want to argue.
  • Your question is a good one, but you have answered it yourself. Some people are very insecure, immature and shallow. These are the people that are not open minded but rather think everyone has a right to their own opinion, UNTIL yours disagrees with theirs. At that point be prepared for the attack and the down ratings.

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