• What exactly do you need your CWA for?
  • What kind of case worker or advocate? If it all possible I would request a different one.
  • Get the person who referred you to the case worker to call them.
  • Climb up the latter, if first you don't get the answer, go to their boss, and keep going until you do!
  • Yes I go over their head. These people are suppose to help and answer the questions and make sure your well taken care of.
  • Here's a little secret. Case workers are government employees that only do as much as they have too.
  • maybe you should get another worker that has more time for you
  • Sometimes the sad truth is that they don't have answers for you, and either they don't want to admit it, or they don't want to take time to find out who might be able to help you. Is it possible you get too agitated or angry when taking to the CW or advocate? If so, I would write down the issues or questions and either email it deliver it to their office, keeping a copy. I've found out also that most case workers have a ridiculous number of people on their caseloads, far more than they can logically attend to. They also aren't always trained very well. I'm not trying to make excuses for them, but it is a reality.

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