• I'd tell her.
  • If your friend is coming to you and complaining about it then yes I think it would be ok to give your two sense about the situation. Sometimes having someone tell you what the see it might make the light bulb go off in her head. She may however get offended but thats ok. She has involved you already so you giving your opinion is not wrong, she will get over it when she finally sees whats going on.
  • Absolutely. If you're nice about it, and let her know that you're genuinely trying to help her, then it's fine. In my experience, some people are oblivious to anything and everything around them. Sometimes they just need a nice, swift kick in the rear to get them started on what they know they need to do.
  • I'd ask, "Would you like to hear my view of your situation?" Let her decide if you say anything, but knowing you have an opinion will probably get the better of her and she'll ask you what your view is. Having asked her for her permission, she can't be too angry about anything you say.
  • i would, yes, if she were completely in the wrong i wouldnt accuse her of treating her husband a certain way, i would just be more like, 'well you know what? he kind of does have a point...'
  • It happened to me and the person ended up treating me the same way too...ha ha...What a surprise! Needless to say, we're no longer friends, in case we were in the first place. And to answer your question, they'll never see what they're doing wrong and you can't make them change. If you say anything, it will end your relationship. Change has to come from self-realization and a desire to change
  • I would bring it up..strictly as something I had observed over time. If in so doing it changed our relationship then she was not really a "good friend" but rather someone who simply liked dumping on me about her husband.
  • Don't tell her, tell her husband to join the Army, deploy overseas for 3 out of 5 years, and when he gets home, she might show him a bit of appreciation.
  • Yes I would tell her. I also would say something to her about her complaining about her husband. If we really are good friends, then I would expect her to do the same for me.
  • Yes: if I'm a true friend and I see where my friend needs some help in order to be happy, I'm going to help, regardless of what the consequences for me may be. Now, the doesn't mean I'm just going to barge in like a bull in a china closet, unless that's what it takes to get their attention. Rather, it means I'm going to find a diplomatic, tactful way of handling the situation. If it comes down to a slugfest, I'm going to reevaluate my friendship. Are they truly my friend if they can't hear my point of view on their problems? *dodge a fist* Guess not! *dodge another* So much for this friendship! I'm out!
  • Since I don't like to hear complaining without a solid purpose to outsiders, I'd first ask her to talk about it with her husband and possible what to bring up that might be her problem, or a side she hadn't thought of, to ask him what he thinks.
  • Yes, you love your friend and want her happy.
  • Yes I would but over a period of time and I would slip suggestive questions rather than answers/or agreements into this part of the conversation and slowly try to turn her view around into an admission of her problem, be it, insecurity/jealousy or something else and then when/if asked for advice be ready to very gently give it :o)
  • I suppose it depends on how close you are. If it was a close friend, yes I would. You can tell your friend in a very loving way and sometimes people need to hear what others see. If they are very wrapped up in their own lives they might not be able to see what is right in front of their face. It happened to me!! If you aren't very close you may not want to bring it up.
  • Only you would know that because only you know what kind of relationship you have. Personally, I do not keep friends that I can't be brutally honest with if they ask for my opinion. I dont like walking on egg shells for anyone. Its uncomfortable and not the basis of a true anything concerning relationships.
  • You know what? I have come to the conclusion to stay out of other people's love lives, especially close friends, because things can turn on a dime and then there you are.........

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