by kimbolee on December 19th, 2006



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Why is my cat peeing on my throw rugs

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  • by leospets807 on January 8th, 2007


    Having had the same problem, I have been reading various articles and found one that really made sense. The rubber backing has an ammonia-like smell which attracts cats to pee there. Their suggestion was to use throw rugs WITHOUT the rubber backing. I tried it and so far it seems to be working.....just a suggestion.
    I know when you have cat problems, you're willing to try just about
    They are wonderful creatures, but complex and with a mind all their own. :-)

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  • by Anonymous on December 20th, 2006


    Either your cat is getting older or the litter needs to be changed more often. If a cat smells urine on a rug or carpet they will return to the same spot again and again. (wash the throw rugs)

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  • by glamorgirli on January 8th, 2007


    At least its only a rug....My sisters cat decided to pee right on my bed, it seeped through my sheets and my feather bead and kind of on my mattress! my feather bead was destroyed, luckily my comforter was on my floor! And I ended up spraying Lysol and flipping my mattress! The kitty litter could be dirty, or have you changed anything around or added any new animals? Could be territorial!

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  • by Mirage V2.0 AWOL on December 21st, 2006

    Mirage V2.0 AWOL

    Try DREFT or BIZ detergents.
    They have bio-active bacteria that breaks down organic material.
    These are designed for washing cloth baby diapers.

    All animals seem to prefer rubber backed throwrugs over more absorbent surfaces.
    I believe the backing keeps the scent stronger.

    ACTUALLY, using them can be convenient if you have a non house broken animal.
    They are much easier to clean than the wall to wall carpet.

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  • by nponziani on September 14th, 2009


    my cat pees on my throw rugs and then rools them up in a ball. they dont have a rubber backing ive tried spraying them with pine, bleach ect. as soon as they get out of the wash .but nothing seems to work. any help

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