• That is aguable. Read this.
  • It's more an unnecessary hegemon than an empire. Or you could call it a relic of the past that like the USSR should have been dismantled after the war. By leaving it alive as an experiment, Europe is going to have a lot of refugees when it eventually collapses as all such superstates historically do.
  • No, but we are exceptional among all of the nations.
  • Sorry to disappoint you. NO
  • I would say sorta yes. Not so much in direct power like the Roman Empire, but more like an influence empire. Through culture, shifting of money, and defining the future paths of many "autonomous" nations.
  • Actually the USA is a British Colony. In 1784, the USA signed a treaty with the UK returning it to the UK.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      The Treaty of Paris, signed in September 1783, only has one part of it that is currently in effect. Article 1, in which England recognizes the United States as a sovereign nation.

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