• I don't think you need to worry. Heart rate is subjective and your BP is quite fine.
  • My friend, you are probably the envy of a lot of people on this board. Your bp and heart rate is fine. The key will be to maintain these statisics over a long period of time, and with a poper diet and exercise you will. Best of luck to you
  • No, if you aren't passing out it isn't an issue.
  • 85 really isn't that fast. The normal range for pulse is 60-100. It's a bell-shaped curve, and there will be people at both ends of it. Same for blood pressure. As someone pointed out, as long as you're not feeling dizzy or lightheaded, you're good to go. When I was in my late teens, my blood pressure was 90/60. (Freaked out the first aid instructor, who was demonstrating the BP cuff on me...)

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