• It would depend upon the reason why they felt so strongly against them. Parents just want what is best for us and for us not to make the same mistakes they did at our age. Talk to your parents, find out why they are so against you finding happiness with this particular person. You can then explain how you feel and see if you can meet part way ie if they fear it will interfere with your studies than to meet only at the weekend. If it is racial, ask if you can invite him to dinner so they can see past colour and see the person inside. Good luck
  • Hmmm, interesting question. Think of the long term consequences given divorce rates, and that is a long way off from someone you are just dating. Think of the irreparable harm to your relationship with your family for someone you are just dating. Who knows what will happen, but I would weigh the benefits and deficits before making any rash decision. I would also be very honest with myself about why they don't like that person. Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and have a heart-to-heart chat with yourself. Forget that you like this person, what are they doing for you? What are they doing that others don't like. What advice would you give your best friend in the same situation? Just food for thought, Yak
  • I would not, though I don't foresee that ever happening unless the person I was dating as crazy mean and then I wouldn't be with them anyway.
  • Nope. I married him. my family is REALLY screwed up, though.
  • Not if I loved him, and especially not if I loved him and he was the father of my children. I love my parents, but I live my life my own way. I am appreciative of their suggestions and guidance, but ultimately, what my husband and I choose to do is our business.
  • depend upon the situation and reason
  • Probably not, unless they pointed out a good reason. Parents are pretty screwed up. Now, if you said grandparents... then I'd have to REALLY start listening to what issue they had with him.
  • hell no,i hate they english dogs
  • I kept dating him for five years, and almost lost my connection with my parents. I finally saw the light last year and left him. My parents disliked him for a reason and I was too selfish and "in love" to see that they were right all along. Some people do know what they're doing after all. We have grown considerably closer now.
  • no i would not as long as he wasnt like "fbi top 10" or something. but if they were just doing because they personally didnt like him and they just didnt want to be with me, than i would take the chance of my parents doing that, because if they really did that, i dont think they truelly loved me to begin with. i have 4 kids, and theres nothing that they could do to make me not associate with them. i may not love their actions but i love them and thats all that matters.
  • my family is extremely important to me, and if they didn't approve of my boyfriend, i know there would be good reasoning. i'd definitely question the relationship with the boyfriend
  • I'm not sure how I'd react since I haven't been in this situation. Ultimately you have to follow your heart. If you have a close relationship with your parents and think they are open-minded people then I'd really wonder why they didn't like a particular person. It seems they would have some really good reasons if they were willing to lose a child over it. I wouldn't instantly drop someone because of what my parents think but I would step back and try to see things from their point of view. If they are being overly cautious and you know this for a fact I'd try to reach out to them. In the end you don't want to regret having lost contact with the people who raised you for a man, but you also don't want to regret never having given 'love' a chance. These things seem to come to a closure when either the person in love has their blindfold removed, or their parents have their blindfold removed. Either way, one person is seeing things differently than the other- which means someone has a skewed view. The question is.. who is the one with the skewed view..
  • Yes. I'd say I'm more responsible than my parents so if even THEY think he's bad for me then... yes.
  • If my folks didnt like my girlfriend I'd know she wasnt the right one.My folks are really good judges of character.My mom loves everyone,however if she doesnt like you there is something really wrong.
  • My parents are always supportive of whoever I date, even if they don't totally love them. So, if my parents had that much of a problem with someone, then there must be something seriously wrong with that person and I would have to take a good look at why I was dating them.
  • No. If they let their dislike of the person I was dating caused estrangement between us (unlikely), I would leave it to them to resolve their feelings and take the first step to bridge the gap.
  • my parents are nothing to me omen
  • it would be totally absurd and pathetic if your parents hate for someone else eliminated their love for you. id say if they want to estrange themselves from you your better off without them.
  • My parents have some decent judgement. If they were that pissed with who I was with I'd listen to their opinion, but in the end I'll probably do whatever I please. Whether it's good for me or not.
  • If the rents didnt like her I would dump her ass cuz rents are always right.
  • No, when their the one who is dating him, then they can call the shots.

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