• What is (name's) favorite food? When is (name's) birthday? What is (name's) favorite sport? What is (name's) favorite holiday? What was the last family vacation you went on? You get the idea :) As for dares: Do your best "Yeeehaaaw!" and pretend like you’re throwing your cowboy hat in the air. (I got this one from a birthday party ideas website) Sing a song in front of everyone. Get up and do your best impression of a barnyard animal. Do a short ballet dance. Hope these few ideas help :) Sounds like fun.
  • What where the most special times you shared together? What is best about having such a big family? What are your favorite activities together? Do you like the fact that you have to share all the time? Do you get enough time for yourself? Are you happy? Do you miss your family and rush home when you are not with them? Do you feel like you are all alike? If so, in what ways? Who do you spend time with most in your family?why? I hope these help!!!
  • Brainstorming time? Ok .. (wait a second while I put on my special hat .. maybe that'll help the brain cells fire. lol). Ok .. here goes: QUESTION IDEAS What is ___'s astrological sign? Who has bigger feet: _____ or _____? (make them get up and compare if that adds to the fun. lol) Who can name the most constellations in the sky? (or can you name one constellation in the sky?) What is _____'s favorite game to play? What is _____'s favorite color? Does _____ make their bed every day? What's the name of ______'s stuffed animal? What's _____'s favorite dessert? (could ask about most any food type here) Who's taller: ______ or _____? (Like the feet question, can have them stand back to back to show the answer. lol) Can you name each of your parents? (2) Your grandparents? (4) Your gr-grandparents? (8) (consider a PRIZE if they get those 8 names!!) BRAINSTORMING for DARES -- Dare them to lead the family in a camp song. (Everybody sings, but they have to get up in front and lead the group) -- Dare them to "act like a fish". (you know .. the face stuff .. and maybe arms to swim .. lol) -- Dare them to do "w" talk. Every time they hit an "r", they have to say it with a "w". In other words, dare them to be Elmer Fudd. wabbit for rabbit, etc. -- Dare them to do a "hop, skip and a jump" - literally. lol -- Dare them to put a tablespoon in their mouth .. then an egg in the spoon .. then run from here to there .. and back .. without dropping the egg. -- Get two or three people in a line .. or make two teams of 4 people each .. then have the first person in each put an orange under their chin. Now .. hands behind back .. they have to pass the orange to the next person who tries to get it under THEIR chin. And so on. First time to pass it through all team members wins. Er ... think I better stop. Maybe some of this will give you some ideas to jump off from. Most of all? HAVE FUN And yes, remember to SING some of those good old songs like "John, Jacob, Jingleheimer Schmidt" or "Kumbaya" and so many other good songs. :)
  • Thanks to everyone who provided me with some terrific ideas for the campfire trivia/dare game! The questions went over really well and the dares turned out to be hysterical! The Yeehaw Cowboy one drew a big laugh! Thanks to all who helped contribute! The AB community is pretty great!

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