• yup, im aussie ;) and 15?! wow! im jealous ;) i've been to 5...6 if you include the dubai airport as part of dubai ;P
  • Here's another Aussie from Sydney. Born in New Zealand but have been living here for over 30 years. I have been to Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Holland and England. Loved Brazil the best. I'm heading for the Middle East in 9 weeks. I'm looking forward to that. You've been to 15 countries? You must be a busy man. :-D
  • I am not, but, there are quite a few of them here, and they are a great bunch! Im sure you will get to meet them, or they will meet you first!
  • Hi - im originally from coastal border of SA/ from Adelaide ( but went to RMIT) . Been to US, UK, most of western Europe + malaysia, singapore & NZ. Nice to meet you.
  • Yep im a melbournian from a little town called mt gambier in SA as you know amby! I have been to Thailand and backpacked trhough a number countries in central and eastern europe.

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