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  • It really depends on the guy.... Some guys do it because they think it is expected and some guys do it because they get pleasure out of the act and out of knowing that you are pleased. Of course you want the one that is doing it out of his own liking for it, and knowing that he is pleasing you. It means more and usually does not become a problem.
  • It's basically the same as girls performing oral sex on guys. Some girls don't like doing it, some do it because they know it will please the guy, and some truly enjoy it. I think in both guys and girls, there are people who honestly get pleasure by giving such pleasure to the other person. Knowing you're making someone feel that good is sometimes better than receiving physical pleasure for yourself, at least in my opinion.
  • I like doing it, it fills me with much joy at giving the girl great pleasure.
  • Honestly, I think oral sex is gross. My bf doesn't even want to do it.
  • I love it. The natural scent arouses me, so much that I get disappointed if my wife has had a bath too recently.
  • I know guys who LOVE doing it. And for some it's not their favorite, but they do it to please us. I know girls who feel the same way, it's all a matter of preference I guess.
  • I think it's super hot to eat a girl out (If she's got well-groomed/shaved pubes, I hate hair in my mouth), and enjoy it very much. If only I could find more willing girls...
  • I can tell you from my experience I absolutley love giving women oral sex, it is one of the most intimate things a guy can do with a girl. I love it and get so horny tasting her, smelling her, feeling her as I'm going down on her. I actually prefer giving oral sex than actually recieving it, don't get me wrong i enjoy getting it doen to me too. But I would prefer doing the giving than getting.
  • From my experience it is not just to please me... but keep it smooth and it is better for both. Just like I get totally turned on by giving him oral pleasure. Think about what you are doing.. that is where it is at.
  • My last guy loves giving oral more than anything. He loves the taste most of all, and he is only happy if he is not only pleasing his girl, but driving her to the edge of the edge. I'm talking multiple orgasms, in the most caring way. He was a sex god for not only his physical performance, but for his demeanor as well. He was down there enjoying himself mostly, I know, but with me in mind. He knew how to read me just right, so he could adjust his technique accordingly, a lot of times even holding me down while he just ate and ate me out to his heart's content. If I so much as make a negative sound, he'd ask what's wrong or adjust once more if it was obvious. So I suppose it's a combination. He just loves eating pussy, plus he knows how whild it drives me so he likes it all the more.
  • I love giving orol, I could eat a pussy from sun up to sun down.
  • I think it is amazingly sexy and it has even caused ME to orgasm on occasion. I love it. I get to be right at the most feminine, beautiful, private part of a woman and I get to completely enjoy it. Way before I had sex I knew I would love going down on a girl. I get to do it far too infrequently.
  • I love to nibble and lick my wife. She thinks I do it for her but I actually love the effects on her and it makes me hornier and my wife becomes a slave for the night when I do. seriously I like to give my wife oral.
  • I love doing it. The feel an the taste. I also love seeing her enjoy it. I stay down there until my wife has had at least two orgasms. It gets me rock hard every time. Damn, I'm getting hard just writing this.
  • I truly enjoy giving oral to my lady. Her "love Flower" is a wondrous and beautiful part of her. The texture, aroma, taste and reactions are all great turn-ons. Giving my lady pleasure is emotionally satisfying. I can do this for hours as wave after wave of orgasm ripples through her body. It is as act of love that strengthens our relationship. +3
  • When it comes to oral sex, I think it is better to give than receive.
  • ---------> i love to lick a girl just to make her cum and hold on to her legs so she cant get away from me licking make girls cum really hard too
  • im a guy, the aroma that the girl gives off.. amazing! the juice.. amazing, the look and expression. pricelless, sex should never be gross. its all gross when you think of the periods woman get, men peeing, etc. down there its gross.. however when pleasure is added, by all means give it a shot. have a open mind :)

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