• well I'll start by saying that many people are not 100% straight or 100% gay (that doesn't mean they are bisexual). Some men can recognize they feel attraction to other men but they live happy as heterosexuals. Give yourself a chance and don't define yourself just yet. Go ahead and have some safe experimentation (according to your age), don't rush things you'll be clear soon enough.
  • I know what it feels like, im 16 and I know im gay, but theres some people that I don't know if they're gay or not, and it sucks, im sorry to say, i dont think theres any positive way of being able to tell....just study their actions and see what they do, get to know them, try to be REALLy good friends with them, eventually they might tell you, if you're not willing to come out to them, but if theyre like you(just say ..ex...)they might not, and then you'll never know.
  • If a man asks me out on a date, I usually take that as a sign. Ditto the pink triangle button on his shirt. Or frenching another man (hopefully their 'husband'). Usually though, it's quite a bit less obvious as they tend to be surprisingly normal people.
  • Well,it is a matter of temperance and the sub consiousness of the mind.Usually the signs to expect is the fact that he might behave in a way which presupposes that he is somewhat effeminate so that he might find things of the feminine world much at heart and also love to be in intimate times with his fellow males I mean one he finds attractive to his sense of emotions

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