• I thought that Airplane and Naked Gun worked well even without a frame of reference.
  • Only if they are done really well, such as Airplane and Naked Gun. Spy Hard was OK, but most spoofs fall far short of the mark because there's not enough good material to sustain the comedy for the whole film.
  • Like any movie, it depends. MANY original movies are a complete waste of time, and many spoofs are brilliant. How about "Blazing Saddles?" and "SpaceBalls the Movie?" The spoof isn't a new idea of course- and sometimes a spoof can be better than the original. I only discovered fairly recently that Lewis Carroll's poem "You are old Father William...." is a parody (I think that's the formal name for spoof) of another poem - and well deserves to be remembered instead of the original.
  • spinal tap was hilarious and smart!
  • I used to LOVE spoofs as a teenager (Naked Guns, Hot Shots, Loaded Weapon 1 Top Secret), then one day that switch kind of turned off. I still enjoy them, but I don't really seek them out.

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