• So sad. It reminds me of Dave Pelzer. Hopefully that little girl's life isn't that bad.
  • What a B*tch. If I knew that little girl, I would make a huge deal about her birthday, I would grab a few friends, some presents and a birthday cake and show up at her door. I hope the mother is embarassed.
  • She either totally forgot or the event was so tramatic that it was supressed from her mind. No events of life shoud erase the memory of a child's birth from the mind of a parent, especially a young child, unless there are horrible tragic events going on at the present or the mother is completely mentally ill.
  • Poor child. Get her a cake and a present; tell her what a wonderful child she is - and find some way... ANY way... to shame her mother into treating her like a daughter.
  • It is difficult being a parent and when you attempt to do it, while lacking any or all of your faculites... Things get left aside in the fray. usually having some detrimental effects on one or all of your children. They are the unfortunate casualties in that kind of scenerio. but you know... that child has something to experience in that situation, that was unique to her personal evolution and things always have a way of evening out in the end. It is unfortunate but it happens.
  • Seems very abusive to me. You don't have to hit someone to abuse them at all. Mental abuse can often be worse. I would call CPS if it were me. No child should be subjected to that sort of treatment.
  • Why do these people have kids in the first place?
  • I'll make this short and to the point.... That Mother is a shitbag !!!!
  • give the child a hug, she needs it, and a gift, if the mom will allow it. peace.
  • thats horrible, i could never do that to my child.:)
  • Where is this mother so I can go slap the hell out of her!!!! To me this is beyond being unacceptable. I hate this for that little girl, it makes me sad. :(
  • What a mean butthole.
  • What the hell is wrong with people? How could a mother do that? I make a bigger fuss over my dog's birthday - and this is a child we are talking about! Shame on her! You need to give her a piece of your mind and let her know that playing favorites with her children is just not acceptable. And that a birthday is a big deal to a child! Her behavior will have a direct affect in molding the personality of that child - good or bad. What an evil witch! Bake that woman some exlax brownies for HER birthday and tell her to choke on them!
  • How sad!! Why would a mom do so ?? I can't understand it... Its really odd..
  • Oh, that's terrible, reminds me of A Child Called It by David Pelzer. His mother was horrible to him, but treated his brother like he did no wrong. I would do what I could to help her feel special. Some people really don't deserve the children with which they are blessed.
  • She will have bad memories as she gets older . Wow, Is this really true? I wish I could tell that lil girl Happy Birthday and she is loved by thousands of AB'er here. Well if this is true please tell her. We all love her here and that she is special not matter what others may think.
  • I hate to say this.....but, my mom felt this way about me. It nearly destoyed my life, it did rob me of my childhood! To this day, I don't know why!!!!! Maybe she doesn't either. It rips my heart out to hear of such things being done to children!!! With the kindness of friends, my great faith, and many yrs of confusion I have finally put the past behind me, although daily and I'm sure for the rest of my life I'll have to fight to keep my self worth in tact. I feel sorry for the mother who must be full of torment to be able to treat any child this way, but her own baby...she is a sad person. The girl has a chance to live a normal life, her mom will never regain what she has lost.
  • Welcome to my world. I swear, I'm going to start printing up "My Mother is a Crapburger" t-shirts and handing them out to people who have parents like that. Poor kid's going to have issues when she gets older. Bless her heart.
  • I guess we will never know why she chose to break that little girls heart, why she feels the need to punish an innocent. I want to hug that little girl so badly, to let her know how special she is, that she matters. The mother ( and I use that term loosely) is laying the foundation down now and screaming in deeds that the little girl is not worthy of love or affection. She will learn early on that love was not meant for her, that others are so much better and deserving. That woman is poor excuse for a human being and doesn't deserve to be breathing the same air as we do. I despise her.
  • My mom used to do stuff like that to me. In my family, my brother could get anything he wanted because my mom liked him more. They were more alike and he didn't spend a large sum of her money in medical bills (I was a very sickly child, not of my choice). My mom would get him books, videogames and any food he wanted. If I asked for a soda, I'd get a firm talking to about the value of money.
  • I say beat her with a baseball bat. Oh, wait, that would be illegal. But, then again, so is child abuse/neglect/endangerment. Hmmm........I still say beat her.
  • What a shame, how can a mother do something like that? Birthdays are so important to kids! I think it's mental abuse!
  • What if the mother just forgot it was her daughter's birthday? (There are days when I know its say, Tuesday, and thats all I know.) Or they were celebrating it on the weekend? Before anyone of us, passes judgement their might be a valid reason... In my case, my folks did forget my birthday a few times as a kid. It wasn't a big deal to me because I knew they would remember eventually. There happens to be too many birthdays in one month, so they learned to combine it to one day only. I'm not calling my folks, foul names for it years later. Thats so lame, there are reasons why people do things in their family; you don't have to understand why, its not your family. I find it foul, to hint a woman a lousy mother, by an assumption. You don't know the whole story.
  • Been kids were always promised by their Mom she would come see em or send them something for their birthdays and Christmas. Then not even get a card or call. But when her other new 2 had their b.days she would tell these 3 about it. They decided they wanted 2 spend a summer there. When went there to getthen they said it was the worst time of their lifes...they had more fun driving the 600 miles home than being there. Then when my daughter got married she promised to help...she showed up but all she did was talk about her GF's up coming wedding. To top it all off last year my son's wife had twins. Her daughter named her new baby after one of the twins!

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